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Scholarship 2008 (Sanchez)

SACI awards scholarship to Anthony Sanchez

By Herman Santa

Anthony Sanchez, Winner 2008 Scholarship

The Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) recently donated $500 to a Hispanic student. Since 1992, when the club was founded, the nonprofit organization has donated more than $10,000 to local Hispanic students.

This year’s recipient was Anthony Sanchez. Anthony was born in Vero Beach and his parents are from Bogotá, Colombia. He graduated from WestwoodHigh School last year. He is attending Indian River Community Collage studying dentistry. For additional information about the scholarship call 486-4928.

This year Scholarship Committee members are as follows: Director, Herman Santa, Nancy Rozon and Isa Bryson. The Board of Directors are: Jimmy Rivera; President, Nancy Rozon; Vice President, Al Feliciano; Secretary; Ron Bryson; Treasurer and Gladys Piñeiro; Member at Large.

The club raises the funds through their monthly meetings, raffles, tournaments and picnics. For more information about the scholarship or to make a donation to the foundation, please feel free to contact Herman Santa at: (772) 486-4928 or e-mail to: hermansanta@aol.com.

SACI otorga beca a otro estudiante hispano

El Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI), otorgó una beca de $500 al estudiante Anthony Sanchez de Ft. Pierce.

Anthony nació en Vero Beach, Florida de padres colombianos.  Anthony vive en Ft. Pierce y piensa estudiar medicina en la especialidad de “Dentistry” en el “Indian River Community College”. El ganador de la beca fue seleccionado por el Comité de Becas del club. El comité está compuesto por este servidor y las profesoras Nancy Rozon, Gladys Vélez e Isa Bryson. Los directores del club son: Jimmy Rivera; presidente, Nancy Rozon; vicepresidente, Al Feliciano; secretario, Ron Bryson; tesorero y Gladys Piñeiro; vocal.

En los últimos 16 años el SACI ha otorgado $10,000 en becas a 20 estudiantes hispanos en los condados de Martín y St. Lucie.  Para información con respecto a la beca llamar al (772) 486-4928 o mandar correo electrónico a hermansanta@comcast.net

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