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Dominoes Tournament 2013

Spanish American Club hosts dominoes tournament

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. dominoes tournament was hosted Wednesday, May 8, at the Sandhill Crane Park in Port St. Lucie.  Club member Ivan Guanill coordinated the event and Joe Castro was the judge. The event produced enthusiastic participation by local dominoes players.  The dominoes tournament features a double partner’s ration of 12 persons in round mix doubles play.

The entry fee was $5 per player and players were selected by lottery.  Finalists received a trophy for 1st and 2nd place.   All players played with rotation partners of one game for the classification of 200 points.  The championship game was played with 500 points.  The top four finalists that played the final round of 500 points were: Virgilio “Evie” Cardona, William “Billy” Betancourt, Ruben Aleman and Johnny Borras.  Ruben and Johnny emerged as the tournament winners.

Other players that participated were: Joe Castro, Herman Santa, Angel Pellot, Roberto Belardo, Carmen Belardo, José “JJ”, Carlos Bonet, Jorge “Johnny” Rivera and Tony Colón.  It was a small but passionate group.  It was a great day of dominoes with nice people.  The best thing, of course, is that profits from the tournament were donated to the scholarship fund of the club.  A win-win for all!

Photo # 1: L to R: John Borras, Ruben Aleman, Ivan Guanill, Billy Betancourt and Virgilio “Evie” Cardona

Photo #2 L to R: Billy Betancourt, Ruben Aleman, Sophie Ison, Carlos Bonet, Evie Cardona, Johnny Borras and Ivan Guanill

Photo # 3: L to R: Joe Castro, Herman Santa, Angel Pellot, Billy Betancourt, Evie Cardona, Roberto Belardo, Carmen Belardo, Johnny Borras, José “JJ”, Ruben Aleman, Carlos Bonet and Ivan Guanill.



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