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Bowling Dinner 2016

December 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Spanish American Club Hosted a Bowling Dinner

By Herman Santa

On Saturday, December 3 to kick off the Christmas holiday, some members of the bowling group of the The Spanish American Club, Inc. dine and drink at Pietro’s restaurant on Hutchinson Island.  Among the members and their guests attending the dinner were: Gilberto Ferri, Tony Colon, Julio Borras, Unidentified guest, Alfredo Medina, Yolanda Medina, Johnny Borras, Annie Borras, Luis Carrillo, Evelyn Carrillo, Nilda Betancourt, Jose Echevarria, Sonia Echevarria, Felix Asencio, Millie Asencio, Agusto Rodriguez, Ana Rodriguez, Gus Meza, Karen Meza, Carlos Bonet, Yvonne Bonet, Al Feliciano, Virginia Feliciano, Jose Santiago, Cookie Santiago, Tony Canales, Norma Canales, Olando Tirado, Billy Betancourt, Nilda Betancourt, Tony Cruz, Herman Santa, Lucy Santa, Ray Guadalupe, Roberto Belardo, Carmen Belardo, Arturo Guadalupe, Josie Guadalupe, Javier Crespo, Lynette Malave, Ruben Aleman, Daisy Aleman, Tony Cruz, Mirta Zapata, Vicky Rodriguez and Charlie Rodriguez.

A big Thanks to Ruben Aleman, Director of the Bowling Committee and Billy Betancourt co-chairs who coordinated the event. Daisy Aleman who coordinated the gift exchange after the dinner. Special thanks to Felix Asencio who played C.D.’s. music for our guests.  It was a great night of good food, drinks and good camaraderie to start the holiday season. For more information, please contact the president of the club, Carlos Bonet, at For more information about the club, please visit

Photo # 1 Front Row: From left Evelyn Carrillo, Nilda Betancourt, Sonia Echevarria, Daisy Aleman and Millie Asencio.  Center Row: From left Agusto Rodriguez, Karen Meza, Annie Borras, Yvonne Bonet, Ana Rodriguez, Virginia Feliciano, Unidentified guest, Jose Santiago, Cookie Santiago and Norma Canales.  Back Row: From left Olando Tirado, Billy Betancourt, Tony Cruz, Herman Santa, Ray Guadalupe, Carmen Belardo, Tony Canalez , Lynnette Malave, Josie Guadalupe, Javier Crespo, Ruben Aleman, Mirta Zapata, Vicky Rodriguez and Al Feliciano

Photo # 2 From left Tony Colón, Orlando Tirado, Roberto Belardo, Carmen Belardo, Norma Canales, Tony Calanes, José Santiago and Cookie Santiago

Photo # 3 From left José Echevarria, Carlos Bonet, Yvonne Bonet, Vicky Rodriguez, Charlie Rodriguez, Sonia Echevarria, Virginia Feliciano and Al Feliciano

Photo # 4 From left Ruben Aleman, Daisy Aleman, Luis Carrillo, Evelyn Carrillo, Javier Crespo and Lisset Malavé

Photo # 5 From left Julio Borras, Samantha Faiella, Johnny Borras, Annie Borras, Karen Meza, Gus Meza, Agusto Rodriguez and Ana Rodriguez

Photo # 6 Gilberto Ferri, Ray Guadalupe, Alfredo Medina, Yolanda Medina, Josie Guadalupe, Arturo Guadalup, Ivan Guanill and Xiomara Guanill

Photo # 7 From left Herman Santa, Lucy Santa, Billy Betancourt, Nilda Betancourt, Mirta Zapata, Tony Cruz, Millie Asencio and Felix Asencio