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Independence 2021

August 3, 2021 Leave a comment

Independence 2021

By Herman Santa

Members of The Spanish American Club, Inc. hosted the Annual Independences Party (USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Perú on Saturday, July 24 at the Disabled American Veteran’s Club in Port St. Lucie.

Everyone enjoyed an evening of drinks, snacks, dancing and raffles. Master of ceremonies and president of the club, Carlos Bonet, welcomed everyone to the party and gave an update of the status of the club and thanked every one of them for their continued support. Attendees were entertained by D.J. José Ramirez.

After the president’s update, the D.J. played a Happy Birthday song for the members that were celebrating their birthdays in the month of July. Among them present, were: Yvonne Bonet, Theresa Peña, Lillian Villegas and Sandra Tirana.  Door prize winners: Martha González, Stella Paéz, Javier Andrade and Cecilia Pulido.  50/50 winners: Elizabeth Mejía, Ligio Pinto-Bernas and Cecilia Pulido.

A big thanks to our members and guests who helped with the decorations, set ups and assisted throughout the night.  The board is planning the next event “Luau Dance” on Saturday, August 28th at the Disabled American Veterans Hall on California Blvd, Port St. Lucie.  Reservations are required.  Please contact Carlos Bonet at (917) 204-6141 at

Mark your calendar for our future events this year

* “Bahamas Cruise”, Monday, August 9 through the 11th

* “Luau Dance”, Saturday, August 28

* “Sport Fan Dance”, September 25

* “Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament”, Friday, October 8

* “Halloween Dance”, Saturday, October 30

*”Thanksgiving Dance”, Saturday, November 27

* “Christmas Dinner Dance”, Saturday, December 25

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Father’s 2021

June 30, 2021 Leave a comment

Father’s Day Dance

By Herman Santa


The monthly dances of our club are back!  Our second dance of the year was Saturday, June 25th. at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie.  The monthly dances of our 

club are back!  Our first dance of the year was Saturday, May 22nd. at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie.  The event started with our president and master of ceremonies Carlos Bonet welcoming everyone to the event and gave an update of the status of the club and 


the next events of the of club. Following the president’s speech the members and their guests enjoyed a night camaraderie, snacks, drinks and dancing.  During a break, the DJ played a Happy Birthday song for members and their guests who were celebrating their birthdays this month, among them were: Al Peña, Tom Berger, Gilbert Paredes, Maite Peterson and Gilberto Ferri.  Door prize winners were:  Lydia Callender, Fideligno Casellas, Margie Arroyo and Sonia Echevarria.  50/50 winners were: Carmelo Villegas, Gilbert Bodden and Nereida Pellot.


We hope the members will join us at our next event on Saturday, July 31st. ” Independence Day Dance”. The event  will be held at the DAV Chapter 113, 1150 SW California Ave. Port  St. Lucie, Fl 34953 from 6:30 PM to 11:00 P.M.  The male members of our club will have free admission.  All other members will be $15 and guests $25.  Please contact Carlos Bonet for reservations at (917) 204-6141 For information regarding the club, visit our website

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