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Golf “Clubhouse” 2018

September 11, 2019 Leave a comment

2018 Golf  Club House Celebration after the games

By Herman Santa





Photo # 1 (Back Row) From left Luis Arroyo(Hole #7 CTP winner), Gus Migliore, Herman Santa, José Garcia(Hole #16 CTP winner) .  (Front Row) Terri Hemings, Carlos Bonet “Most Points winner & Hole #10 CTP winner), Ray Guadalupe (Hole #3 CTP winner) and Juan Conde

Photo # 2 (Back Row) From left Al Peña, Herman Santa, Norman Robinson and Ray Guadalupe,  Seating Carlos Bonet and Gus Migliore

Photo # 3 From left Al Peña, Jack Klein, Herman Santa, Ray Guadalupe, José Garcia (1/10/18-Closest to the Pin winner), Alfredo Felipe and Carl Atkins

Photo # 4 (Back Row) Norman Robinson (2/7 CtP winner), Herman Santa and Jack Klein (2/7 Points winner).  Seated José Garcia, Carlos Bonet (2/7 CtP winner) and Gus Migliore

Photo # 5 From left Roberto Belardo, Lou Rosa, Gus Migliore, Herman Santa, Rau Guadalupe, José Garcia and Carlos Bonet

Photo # 6 From left Ray Guadalupe, Al Peña, Carlos Bonet, Alfredo Felipe and Herman Santa.  Seating John Kerch (4/4 CTP winner