Golf Tournament Vietnam Veterans 2021

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. sponsored the 1st. Vietnam Veterans Golf Tournament

By Herman Santa

From left: Guillermo Rodriguez, Ignacio Fernandez, Ray Guadalupe and Herman Santa

On Saturday, October 9th, some members of The Spanish American Club, Inc. participated on the Vietnam Veterans of America, Michael F. Bradley Chapter 566 at Gator Trace Golf Course in Port St. Lucie.  The golf tournament was held at the Savanna Club Golf Course in Port St. Lucie.

From left: Otto Vega, Herman Santa, Guillermo Rodriguez and Al Peña

Among the participants representing the club were Ray Guadalupe, Herman Santa, Guillermo Rodriguez, Otto Vega, Al Peña, Mike Bolaños, Iggy Fernandez, David Santiago, Dennis Schmidt, Ross Thompson, Norman Robinson and Jorge Crespo.

Herman Santa

Herman Santa won the Seniors Longest Drive (Hole # 14)  Thanks to all participants who went above and beyond for a good cause.  All funds raised at the tournament to benefit the VVA’s continuing mission to help homeless Veterans in St. Lucie County.

Halloween 2021

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SACI members celebrated Halloween

By Evelyn Carrllio

On October 30, 2021The Halloween Event was celebrated at the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) located at 1150 SW California Blvd., Port St. Lucie, Fl. 34953.  What an event!! So many beautiful and interesting costumes. We danced the night away with the wonderful selections of music by DJ Ramiez.  Judges had a difficult time deciding to select the best female and male costume. The judges’ choices were:  Nereida Pellot and Jose Garcia. Congratulations to both.

October Birthdays: Daniel Carroll, Figdeligno Casalles, Berta Del Nodal, Dick Diamon, Sofi Eisen, Maria Luisa Ferri, Elena Gomez, Rosendo González, Josephine Guadalupe, Gloria Jaramillo, Cecilia Santiago, Joucelyn Serrano, Ada Duque and Jesse Sanchez.  Door Prize Winners: Congratulations to; Otto Vega, Teresa Peña, Gloria Ramírez, Charles Squires, María García, Lorena Muñoz-Gallego, Yvonne Bonet and Fideligno Casallas and 50/50 Winners: Congratulations to:  First prize winner Kettly DeLeger, Second prize winner Luz Amparo Gomez.  Third prize winner Mirta Zapata.

(Pictures are not available yet.

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Thanksgiving 2021

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Thanksgiving Dance

By Herman Santa

On November 27, 2021.The Thanksgiving Dance was celebrated at the Disabled American Veteran (DAV) located at 1150 SW California Blvd., Port St. Lucie, Fl. 34953.  Master of ceremonies, president of the club and D.J. was Carlos Bonet who welcomed everyone to the party and thanked every one of them for their continued support.

During a break Carlos. played a birthday song for the members that were celebrating their birthdays in the month of November.  Among them were: Ray Guadalupe, Elizabeth Rivera, Denise Bodden, Vivian Megaro, Yolanda Medina, Orlando Maldonado and Rosendo González.  Door prize winners were: Rosendo González, José Santiago, Cookie Santiago, Maureen Vargas, Lucy Santa, Denise Bodden and Ada Duque.  50/50 raffle winners were: Sonia Echevarría and Isa Bryson.

The club continued a 29-year tradition by distributing food baskets to underprivileged families for Thanksgiving and collecting holiday gift bags to needy children in the area.  It was a memorable evening.  The entire committee did a beautiful job in organizing the Thanksgiving event.  A big thank you to all the members and their guests who attended, donated Christmas toys for under privilege children and bought tickets for the 50/50 raffle.  Proceeds will benefit the club’s scholarship program.

Next event:

Plans are currently underway for our last event of the year “Annual Christmas Dinner/Dance on December 18th at the same location.  The event will be catered and free for members that renewed their membership before November 1st for next year.  Reservations are required.  For more information, please contact the president of the club, Carlos Bonet  To join us or for more information, visit:

From left: Rosendo González, José Santiago, Cookie Santiago, Maureen Vargas, Lucy Santa, Denise Bodden and Ada Duque

From left: Sonia Echevarría and Isa Bryson

From left: Ray Guadalupe, Elizabeth Rivera, Denise Bodden, Vivian Megaro, Yolanda Medina, Orlando Maldonado and Rosendo González

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Golf “Clubhouse” 2021

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Golf “Clubhouse” 2021

Celebrating Iggy’s nomination for the “Most Improved” player of the year at The Saints Pub Friday, Nov. 29, 2021

From left Iggy Fernandez, Herman Santa, Lou Rosa and Guillermo Rodriguez

Celebrating at the Clubhouse after the golf tournament at The Saints Pub Friday, Oct. 8, 2021

From Left Duane Pfund, Dennis Schmidt, Nick Salvaggio, Rick Torres, José Garcia, Guillermo Rodriguez, Rubén Sanchez, Ray Guadalupe, Al Peña, Carlos Bonet, Matt Millitti, Lou Rosa, Pam Peña Steve Preston and Iggy Fernandez. Seated Herman Santa

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Awards 2021

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. honors our sponsor during Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

By Herman Santa

From left Herman Santa, David O’Kelly and Gus Migliore

On Friday, October 8, 2021, at the Annual scholarship Golf Tournament at The Saints Golf Course in Port St. Lucie a special award was given to David O’Kelly, Manager of the Pro Shop for his contribution to the scholarship program of our club.  The award was presented to David by the Golf  committee members Herman Santa and Gus Migliore.

The Spanish American Club, Inc. honors bowling member during their Monday Bowling Night

From left Andrés Padilla, Joe Colón and Rubén Alemán

Bowling a 300 Game just is not ease, but Joe Colón bowled a perfect 300 game.  The award was presented on Monday, June 7, 2021 at Super Play Bowling Ally in Port St. Lucie.  The award was presented to Joe by the bowling committee Andres Padilla and Rubén Alemán.

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Golf “Hole in One” 2020 George

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Tony’s Hole in One

Tony George

Tony George made a “Hole in One” on Friday, September 25, 2020, at The Saints Golf Club in Port St. Lucie.  He aced the 113 yard-Par 3, Hole No. 7 using a Gap Wedge.  He was part of the SACI group with Tom Hespos, Mike Rovinski and Roberto Belardo. Congratulations!

Golf “Hole in One” 2021 Santa

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“Hole in One”

By Herman Santa

From left: Rick Buchaniec , Herman Santa and Craig Sellner

Herman Santa with Harvey Taylor

From left: Craig Sellner, Herman Santa, Rich Buchaniec and Guillermo Rodriguez celebrating at the Saints Pub

I’m proud to announce that I made my 2nd “Hole-In One” of my career on Friday, October 15, 2021, at The Saints Golf Club in Port St. Lucie. I aced the 115 yard-par 3, Hole No. 16 using a Hybrid Wedge. I was part of the SACI group with Craig Sellner, Rick Buchaniec and Harvey Taylor. Congratulations!

Golf “Most Improved” 2021

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“Most Improved golfer” 2021

By Herman Santa

From left Iggy Fernandez with Herman Santa

Iggy Hernandez has been declared the winner of the “Most Improved Player of the Year”.  When he started playing with us last year his first game he scored 106 with 2 points. 

At the present time Iggy’s average is 100 with 7 points and 28 Handicap and 7 Points an improvement of 6 strokes and 6 points. Iggy won a 1/2 hour golf lessen donated by The Saints’ Pro Shop Manager David O’Kelly.

Iggy joined Harvey Taylor 2020, Jorge Crespo 2019, Ray Guadalupe 2018 and Carlos Bonet 2017.  !congratulations!

Scholarship Awards 2021

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Congratulations Scholarship Recipients 2021

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Scholarship Committee would like to introduce our 2021 scholarship recipients. The club was able to award $3,250.00 to deserving Hispanic students. Each recipient can be found on our website:

Scholarships are available because of your charitable donations either directly or through our many social activities. These students are extremely thankful to our members and have expressed so in their thank-you notes.

Devin Parham

Devin Parham   Awarded $750. He is attending University of Central Florida where he will be pursuing a degree in Engineering.

Kenya Sorto

Kenya Sorto  Awarded $750. She is attending University of Central Florida where she will be pursuing a degree in Finance.

Amber Abud

Amber Abud  Awarded $750  She is attending Barnard College of Columbia University in New York where she will be pursuing a degree in Neuroscience.

Melody Correa

Melody Correa  $1, 000  She is attending School of Visual arts in New York where she will be pursuing a degree in Animation.




The following students have been awarded scholarships since 1994.


1994/Armando Gil/México/Ft.Pierce

1995/Elisa Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1996/Jennifer Torres/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1997/Alfredo Rosado/Puerto Rico/Pt. St. Lucie

1998/Pedro Luna/México/Ft. Pierce

1999/Ella R. Flores/México/Ft. Pierce

2000/Miguel J. Gaspar/Guatemala/Indiantown

2001/Gabriela Padilla/México/Indiantown

2002/Roberto Cabrera/México/Ft. Pierce

2003/María A. Fernández/Venezuela/Stuart

2004/Mónica A. Herrera/Colombia/Pt. St. Lucie

2005/Viridiana Félix/Guatemala/Indiantown

2006/Jessica Benítez/México/Pt. St. Lucie

2006/Miriam Hernández/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Amy Pérez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2007/Daisy Trujillo/México/Indiantown

2007/Venessa Pelayo/México/Ft Pierce

2008/Floriberta Reynoso/México/Ft. Pierce

2008/Anthony Sanchez/Colombia/Ft. Pierce

2009/Tayliz J. Rodríguez/Puerto Rico/Palm City

2009/Ana G. Fuentes/México/Indiantown

2010/ Marisol Gómez/México/Ft. Pierce

2010/ Elba Valdéz/México/Stuart

2011/ Nancy Velásquez/Guatemala/Indiantown

2011/ Tatiana Muñoz/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2011/ Adriana Rodríguez/Cuba/Port St. Lucie

2012/ Lorena Morales/ México/Indiantown

2012/Vladimir Villa/México/Stuart

2012/Daniel González/Venezuela/Ft. Pierce

2013/Sarahi Mojáras/México/Stuart

2013/Pamela Garcia/México/Stuart

2013/Vanessa Guárnico/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2014/Samuel Villa/México/Stuart

2014/Antonett Nuñez/Perú/Stuart

2015/Juan Carlos Perez/Guatemala/Jensen Beach

2015/Matias N. Campora/Uruguay/Port St. Lucie

2016/Nicholas Gomez/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2016/Alexia Cepeda/Mexico/Port St. Lucie

2016/Ariana Ramos/Puerto Rico/Port St. Lucie

2017/Gabriela Garcia/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2017/Jennifer Arriola/Nicaragua/Ft Pierce

2017/Barbara Moreno/Venezuela/Stuart

2017/Moriah Weir/Jamaica/Ft. Pierce

2017/Dayana Espinosa/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2018/Alexis Weist/Ecuador/Port St. Lucie

2018/Cecilia E. Calderon/El Salvador/Port St. Lucie

2018/India M. Crosske/USA/Port St. Lucie

2018/Johana Fernandez/Cuba/Port St. Lucie

2019/Laura Mejía/Colombia/Ft. Pierce

2019/Rudy Martinez/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2019/Marilyn Rancel/PR Colombia /Ft. Pierce

2019/Jaisen González/Puerto Rico/Port St. Lucie

2019/Alejandra Lopez/Mexico/Ft Pierce

2019/Catherine Ferreira/Brazil-Venezuela/Ft. Pierce

2020/Natalie Becerra/Colombia/Port St. Lucie

2020/Itzel Mendoza/Mexico/ Ft Pierce

2020/Laura Barco/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2020/Alicia Solis/Mexico/Ft. Pierce

2020/Logan Putnam/Puerto Rican/Stuart

2021/Devin Pahram/Mexican/Port St. Lucie

2021/Melody Correa/Argentinean/Port St. Lucie

2021/Kenya Sorto/El Salvador/Port St. Lucie

2021/Amber Abud/Chile/Dominican Republic/Port St. Lucie

Golf Tournament 2021

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The Spanish American Club Inc. hosts Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

By Herman Santa

From left: Herman Santa, David O’Kelly and Carlos Bonet

On behalf of Board of The Spanish American club, Inc. and the Golf Committee, I would like to thank everyone for participating in this year’s tournament on Friday, October 8, 2021 at The Saints.   Most of all, I would like to thank everyone who donated to the scholarship through out the year and for making this year tournament a great success.

We enjoyed a beautiful day with friends and new golfers.  After the tournament, because of the Covid 19 only a few of us stayed for the awards announcement inside the clubhouse.  We are blessed by their generosity! Congratulations to the tournament winners.

Proceeds from the tournament went to support the Scholarship Funds of the club.  For more information or to become part of the group email:

The next event of the club will be on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie  The event will be catered with Live music with D.J. José Ramírez.  Reservations are required.  For information, please contact our President of the club Carlos Bonet no later than Oct. 22nd. Text  917-204-6141 or email him at c.bonet@aol.comFor more information visit

The following prizes, giveaways and certificates were presented:

Rich Torres, Hole # 9 “Longest Drive”

Ralph Morrison

Ralph Morrison Hole # 3 “Closest to the Pin”

From left: Nick Salvaggio and Bob Langhurst

Rob Langhurst Hole # 7 “Closest to the Pin”

Tom Siplin

Tom Siplin Hole # 10 “Closest to the Pin”

David Magers

David Magers Hole # 16 “Closest to the Pin”

From left Iggy Fernandez with Herman Santa

Iggy Fernandez “Most Improved Golfer”

Carlos Bonet

Carlos Bonet & José Garcia “Low Score”

Willie Moore

Joe Mack & Willie Moore “High Score”

Rick Schaub

Rick Schaub “50/50”

Walter Gomez

Walter Gomez “50/50”

Other players that participated or made donations were:

Schmidt, Dennis, Rob Boals, Gary Bradley, Cecil Elie, Jose garcia, Walter Gomez, Fernando Mejia, Joe Mack, Herman Santa, Tony Scaletti, Rick Schaub, Gary Garczyinski, Joe Bazzano, Ron Glass, Sandy Gordon, Nick Salvaggio, Terry Roberts, John Boals, Otto Vega, Gary Bartz, Rick Buchaniec, Danny Kosciuk, Duane Pfund, Iggy Fernandez, Ross Thompson, Keith Kehrer, Andy Mancuso, Eddie Essex, Robert Osborne, Guillermo Rodriguez, Lou Rosa, Ray Guadalupe, Carlos Bonet, Jack Reese, JC Dargis, Lenny Lea, Ron Lovelle, George Williams, Ray Jackson, Russell Beale, Matt Millitti, Mike Finkelstein, Craig Sellner, Willie Moore, Steve Preston, Al Peña. Pam Peña, David Santiago, Ruben Sanchez, Ruben Aleman, Roberto Belardo and Stan Courtney.

Prizes and giveaways were donated by:


Linda Bartz, SLC Commissioner, David O’Kelly, The Saints, Garcia, PL, Francisco J. Garcia, Esq., Walter Gomez, WF Taxes & More , Otto Vega, JMG/Cargo IMPV Transportation., Evonne Fraga, La Voz News, Gustavo Santa, Ft Pierce Bando and  Realtors Luz Silva and Johanna Cadena, Real Estate Solutions Today / CasaHome Team


Chris Antrim, Louis Atilano, Carl Atkins, Bob Beaver, Tom Davis, Bobby De Asis, Scott Engle, Steve Figari, Gary Garczynski, Tony George, Mike Gortian, Gus Migliore, Gregg Mills, Mike Remy, Norman Robinson, Robert Schaffer, Tom St. Pierre, Robert Svenson, Wayne Walker and Doug Weidner.

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