Message from the Website Administrator

Message from the Website Administrator

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary every month!

By Herman Santa

Herman Santa

Welcome to our Website.  Whether you are a new member, founder member, honorary member, former director member, associate member or just some one looking for information about our club, this Website will give some valuable information of our club.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of our club.  How quickly those years have passed.  In looking back at the photos, I can remember the first Board, the first Get together, etc.  The Website also features several photos of passed Board of Directors since the club was formed back in 1992.  Also you will find all the Committees and the members that have participated in those committees.

In this Website you will notice that all the photos, articles, etc. were collected from my scrap book.  I designed this Web site, so the members and the public will have a recollection of all the activities or events, specially, the ones that were the first events.  I hope you enjoy reading the Website and as always I encourage you to call me or write to me if you find any mistakes or persons that were omitted or not mentioned from then committees and boards.

I hope you will share with us in all the great things our Latin culture has to offer.  Check in often to stay informed of our latest news and events as well as pictures of all our exciting events.


Herman Santa, Website Administrator

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