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Halloween 2018

October 28, 2018 Leave a comment

Spanish American Club Halloween Dance

by Charlie Quiles

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Cried out one lady when abruptly confronted by the Ninja’ Clad Warrior’ who turned out to be a dear acquaintance of hers. This night was attended by Pirates, Ninjas, Witches and even a Ghost or two. It was enough to scare this man out of his ‘Doggy’ costume. We had an Egyptian contingency of beautifully dressed maidens accompanied by Ramses, the great pharaoh. No problem, we had our own Roman senator, no actually, it was Caesar himself to keep them in check. He was accompanied by his regally dressed wife, ‘The Queen’. ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ made an appearance as ‘Elvin Beauties’scampered about. A ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ fearlessly protected his own feline belle from the allures of the ‘Doggy Man’.

A few ‘Gangsta’ figures including at least one ‘moll’ were present. They were all salivating at the presence of the ‘Monopoly Banker’ for some reason. Even a ‘Lady of the Night’ pranced about in a flirtatiously revealing outfit, “Ooh, la, la”. The peasant class were not without representation either ‘Juan Valdes’ along with one or two Colombian lovelies were there. Lest we forget, ‘The Nerd’ went about handing out pictures of himself. How he conquered the heart of that wonderfully dressed ‘Egyptian maiden’ is beyond anybody’s guess.

Tonight’s highlight included the drawing of the raffle for the ‘HP Laptop computer’. It was won by Tania Carrillo who did not attend tonight’s festivities. The raffle has proven to be a valuable boost to the Club’s coffers. Hopefully it will continue to provide needed revenue to help fuel these amazing events. The next raffle and prize will be announced shortly. Thank you to all participants.

The Domino Tournament winners were announced tonight. The games were held on Saturday, October 6th at the St. Lucie Lanes. The Ladies 1st Place winners were Daisy Alemán and Diana Colón (absent). In 2nd Place were Cookie Santiago and Sonia Echevarría. For the men, the 1st Place winners were Hector Peña and José Echevarría. The 2nd Place winners were Evie Cardona and Luis Carrillo Jr.

Birthdays for the month of October were celebrated by: Frank Megaro, Aminda Sampson, Rosendo González, Fidelino Casayas, Tony Colón, Dick Diamond, Johnny Borrás, Josie Guadalupe, Cookie Santiago, Daisy Alemán, Frances Mata, Berta Del Nodal, Gloria Jaramillo and Patricia Reyes.

The Golf Tournament was held on Wednesday October 24th at the Saints. Winners were as follows: ‘Longest Drive’ winner hole #9, Bernard Jethroe; ‘Closest to Pin’ winner hole #10, Ralph Morrison; Best Improved Player of the year’, Ray Guadalupe; ‘Low Score’ winners, Gary Bradley and Jorge Crespo; ‘High Score’ winners, Herman Santa and Dennis Schmidt. Other winners, ‘Eagles’ hole #14,Gary Bradley and Jorge Crespo. Hole #9, Norman Robinson and Luis Rosa.

Again, as usual, all of this was made possible through the hard work of our Board of Directors: President, Ruben Aleman; Vice President, Nancy Rozon; Treasurer, Lionel Roman; Secretary, Raquel O’Connor; Public Relations Director, Ramon Guadalupe; Director, Carlos Mejia, and; Substitute Director, Charlie Quiles. The Club applauds your efforts. Thank you all.

The Spanish American Club was founded in 1992. The mission of the club is to promote friendship and solidarity among its members and other non profit organizations throughout the Treasure Coast through cultural, social, civic and sport activities; to promote knowledge of all Spanish speaking countries, their geography, history, art, and folklore.

The next dance will be the “Sports Event Dance” held on, Saturday November 24th at the Polish American Social Club, 343 NW Prima Vista Blvd, PSL, Fl. There will be no buffet and reservations are required. Contact President Rubén Alemán at For information regarding the club, visit

Hasta la proxima!

Photo # 1 Door Prize Winners.  From left Ray ‘ARR’ Guadalupe, Tony Colón, Al ‘Juan Valdéz’ Peña, Aminda Sampson, Cookie Santiago, Nancy ‘The Orange Witch’ Rozón, Gustavo ‘Ye Matey’ Santa, Johnny ‘Cosa Nostra’ Borrás and Rubén Aleman.  In background: José and Gloria Ramirez.  In background: Jose Ramírez

Photo # 2 50/50 Winner.  From left Ruben Aleman, Gloria Ramírez and Ray ‘ARR’ Guadalupe

Photo # 3 October Birthday Celebrants with Club Officers From left Rubén Alemán, Frank Megaro, Aminda Sampson, Rosendo González, Fidelino Casayas Tony Colón, Dick Diamond, Johnny ‘Cosa Nostra’ Borrás, Lionel ‘The Scream’ Román, Charlie ‘Doggy Man’ Quiles and Ray ‘ARR’ Guadalupe. Seated L to R: Josie ‘O’Lantern’ Guadalupe, Cookie Santiago, Daisy Alemán, Frances ‘Party Girl’ Mata, Berta Del Nodal, Gloria ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Jaramillo and Patricia Reyes