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Spring 2010

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Spring Party

By Herman Santa

On Saturday, April 24th, the members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) hosted their monthly party.  With over 60 members and their guests in attendance, the group celebrated the Annual Spring Party.  This month’s hostess, Mary Figliola (Board Member) welcomed all the members and their guests.  The event to help raise funds for the scholarship was a great party.  The party started at 6:00 P.M. and continued until late at night as the group enjoyed a delicious buffet, birthday celebration, mingling, dancing, raffles and door prizes.

The members and their guests were entertained by Mendoza Sound- a popular D.J. that has been hired by the club for the monthly parties since last year.  Concluding the meal, the board collected items for our troops in the military and the scholarship committee raffled the door prizes, painting raffle, held the 50/50 raffle and the hat dance contest.  The winners were: Dorothy Mc Eing (Door Prize), Mary Byron (Door Prize), Nancy Rozon (Door Prize), Evie Cardona (Door Prize), Dorothy Mc Eing (Painting), Fred McEwan (50/50) and George Poda (Hat Dance Contest).

After the raffles, D.J. Adan Mendoza played the song “Las Mañanitas” for the members to celebrate their birthdays during the month of April.  Holding the cake was: Lucy Santa, Millie Gordon and Herman Santa.   Nora Candelario from the Cruise Committee distributed flyers for the 7 days Eastern Caribbean Cruise scheduled for October 17, 2010.  Persons interested joining the group and to make reservation can call Nora at (772) 812-0695 or e-mail her at:

Dorothy McEing, winner of the painting

Some members and their guests durning the “Hat Dance Contest.

L to R: Lucy Santa, Millie Gordon and Herman Santa celebrating their b’days

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Winter Dance 2005

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Alegría, música y Picadas

Por Herman Santa

El “Get Together” sirvió de escenario para unir a los socios y dar comienzo al nuevo año con un espíritu de hermandad, solidaridad y respeto que nos debe acompañar por todo el año.

El sábado 22 de enero los socios del “Spanish American Club, Inc.” deleitaron sus paladares de la buena comida latina y de varios postres preparada por los mismos socios.  Los asistentes e invitados disfrutaron toda la noche en el “Club House” donde vive la tia de Bobby y Lilly Rodríguez en la urbanización de Park Edge en la ciudad de Port St. Lucie.

Este servidor llevó el repertorio de música y con el equipo de música del club, puse a bailar a todos con mi ritmo caliente.  Fue una noche espectacular e inolvidable.  Les agradesco a Bobby y a Lilly por la primer “Get Together” del año y por la iniciativa para el beneficio del club.

D. J. Herman Santa and Lucy Santa

L to R: Lucy Santa, Nancy Rozon, Gladys Piñeiro and Maite Peterson

L to R: Lucero zepeda, Jim Yeagley, José Zepeda and Bobby Rodríguez

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Mardi Gras 2010

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SACI members enjoy Mardi Gras Party

By Herman Santa

You don’t have to go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras.  On Saturday March 27th, the members of the Spanish American Club Inc. (SACI) hosted a Mardi Gras Party at a private clubhouse in Jensen Beach.  Beginning with a cocktail at 6:00 P.M. followed by a delicious dinner and then at 7:00 P.M. as planned with D.J. music, the members and their guests enjoyed an evening of fun, colors, food and music until late in the evening.  There was a full buffet Latin stile with salads, dessert and coffee.  The room was beautifully decorated for the occasion.   Everyone enjoyed the party.  Music provided the final touch in what was truly a good mardi gras party.

During a break, the Board presented Marisol Gómez, one of the winners of this year scholarship, the raffled the door prizes, the Fifty Fifty and held the hat dance contest.  Winners of the door prizes, hat dance contest and 50/50 were: Virginia Feliciano (Door Prize), Isa Bryson (Door Prize), Rose Brancaccio (Door Prize), Coleen Gagkowski (Door Prize), Karen Diamond (Hat Dance Contest) and Linda Manzanares (50/50).  The members and their guests having their birthdays during March Fe Vallderuten, Rose Brancaccio and Tito Delgado were asked to come up and stand near the cake and the D.J. while the rest of the members sang “Las Mañanitas” when the D.J. played the song.  Thank you Chuck and Sandy for hosting the party.

Hat Dance Contest: From left Karen Diamond, Cecilia Pulido, Linda ManzanaresNancy Rozon and Luz Londoño

Hat Dance Contest: From left Karen Diamond, Cecilia Pulido, Linda ManzanaresNancy Rozon and Luz Londoño

10-Mardi 009

Birthday celebration. Fe Vall de Ruten (Center)

Birthday celebration.
Fe Vall de Ruten (Center)