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Golf Rules

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) Golf Group at THE SAINTS, Port St. Lucie Florida, 34952, Website: http://www.cityofpls/golf

Revised on January 1, 2022, By the Golf Committee: Herman Santa (Director), Gus Migliore, Rick Schaub and Cecil Elie


The SACI Golf Group began in 1992, with 2 players, as a way to bring together golfers of all skill levels and to foster camaraderie, sportsmanship and friendly competition among Hispanic players from USA, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

We are happy that the group continues to grow, now to over 40+ players, and we are thankful for our regular or substitute’s players, but the growth has created some obstacles and we are not able to satisfy everyone’s requests.

The most common requests are:

  • Many golfers want to play with the same group while others request to play with as many different people as possible.
  • Some people play the Gray or Silver tees and some play the Red tees. The golfers can play the tees that are most comfortable for your game.

The Golf Committee realizes that The SACI Golf Group is a group for fun and relaxation, not a place to be hurried and frustrated. The most important things to remember are:

  • Respect the game and other players.
  • Keep up with the group ahead.
  • Have fun before and after the game.
  • Celebrate after a good round.

We play down, lift, clean and place in your FAIRWAY ONLY. On some occasions, such as after a heavy rain, if your ball picks up mud when it lands in the rough, then we will play lift, clean and DROP AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE ORIGINAL POSITION. Once the ball has been dropped it is in play. DO NOT TOUCH IT AGAIN. Play the ball as it lies in bunkers and remember to use a rake after hitting a shot from a bunker.

Pace of play:

Pace of play is very important, particularly during the winter season.  If you find your group has fallen behind, then play READY GOLF until you catch up again.


Use the sand on the carts to fill your divots and others on the Tee Box and fairways.

  • Use the rakes on the carts or in the bunkers to smooth the sand.
  • Fix your ball marks and others on the greens.

SACI and Saints agreement:

Every season the director of the Golf Committee sings an agreement with the Pro Shop Manager to agree on the following:

Tee Times

  • A list of players is sent to the Pro Shop Manager on Wednesday for confirmation.
  • Foursomes are required to start the rounds. For the final 2 groups, threesomes or twosomes are ok in case the Pro Shop has any walking singles. Fast players will play first and slow players will play last if possible.

Seasons and Rates:

  • Winter: From January 1st thru March (Max. of 48 players) Cost? Approx. $48) the group plays from 11:45 A.M. thru 1:00 P.M. the warmest part of the day, but we run out of daylight. Saints volunteers can play after 12:00 P.M.
  • Spring: From April thru May (Max. of 48 players) Cost? Approx. $48) Tee off after 11:00 A.M. from (Max. of 40 players) Cost? Approx. $32
  • Summer June thru August (Max. of 48 players) approx. $33 the group plays from 9:00 A.M. thru 10:00 A.M. to beat the heat and afternoon rain. Saints volunteers can play before 11:00 A.M.
  • Fall: September thru November (Max. of 48 players) Approx. $33 the group plays from 10:45 A.M. thru 11:45 A.M. the warmest part of the day, but we run out of daylight. Saints volunteers can play after 11:00 A.M


Closest to the Pin & Points

  • Closest-to-the-Pin (CtP)

Contest is won by the golfer whose tee shot comes to rest closest to the hole.  To win the hole, the ball must have stopped on the green.  At the end of the day, the golfer with the best tee shot- the one whose ball was closest to the pin- wins the prize.

Reminder: First make sure there is a pencil with the marker.  You will need two people to measure the distance.  Place the measuring tape from the cup and measure to your ball.  The second person will be the witness.  Make sure that you write down the distance in feet and inches.  If you are not betting, please don’t write your name on the marker.

  • Points:

We play the Stableford system for the game. The ball must go in the hole to score a point and you can pick up if you cannot score a point.  Points are based on gross scores per hole and awarded as follows:

Description                      Points

  • Double bogie                         0
  • Bogie                         1
  • Par or Sandy 2
  • Birdie                                     3
  • Hole in One or Eagle             4

Other Rules:

(1) Points Winner:  Awarded to the players with most points higher than that players’ betting line.

 (2) Point Ties:  May be awarded (prize split evenly) Completed rounds count.

 (3) Incomplete round:  Is null and void. (Rain, lightning etc…)

 (4) Maximum strokes:   Counted = 2 over par (double bogie)

 (5) Gimmi:  NO gimmi’s when putting for Eagle, Birdie, Par or Bogie.

 (6) Greene:  Land on green from the Tee and par the hole.

 (7) Sandy:  Par a par 3, 4, or 5 if you play a stroke from the sand.

 (8) Bounds, water, etc.  Follow golf rules when out of bound or water.  Drop ball as rule requires -knee high no closer to flag.

 (9) Betting:  Must play a minimum of five rounds to establish betting points.

Note: Outside of S.A.CI golf group play scores can be accepted.

 (10) Wet fairways: If the fairways are wet, the player should be allowed to clean the ball and place it in reasonable spot as marked before removal.

 (11) Unplayable ball:  An unplayable ball can be moved to a playable area with the appropriate stroke penalty.

(12) No Improving lies:  Play the ball down on every shot.

(13) Aerifications: On the fairways lift the ball were you can play it.  On the greens: 2 puts (no Gimmi’s)-the ball must go in the hole and the 2nd put to score a point.

(14) Remember:  Golf is a gentleman’s game and we play with friends. Play within the rules. No exceptions.

50/50 raffle:

A 50/50 raffle is conducted at the beginning of each month.  When we reach $50, we will do the drawing.  Proceed to benefit SACI Scholarship Fund of the club.

Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

The Golf Committee will do an Annual Golf Tournament on the month of October to raise funds for the scholarship program of the club.  Donations and sponsorship are welcome from the players and local boniness.

Format and Prizes are as follows:


Two men scramble Best Ball (Handicap and points are required)


  • Longest Drive
  • Closest to the Pins
  • Low Score
  • High Score
  • Etc.

Other prizes:

  • Most improved player of the year

For more information, please contact Herman Santa, Golf Committee Director

To see more photos, articles, etc., please visit

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