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January 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Message from the President 2014

Dear Members and Friends:

In 2013 I did not write a President’s Message because I was unsure of what to say or of the things to come. Now 2014 is here and I can dig into 2013 for a well of information about the Spanish American Club, Inc., its past and future members and the activities my family and I have been fortunate to participate in.

When my family and I arrived in Port St. Lucie in 2006 we were very happy to be in town, but there was something missing. We came from New York City and its cultural and artistic vibrancy. For us, Port St Lucie  was lacking in activities and information for members of the Hispanic community. My wife and I were searching for our “Latin Flavor”. We tried various clubs, but none felt right or welcoming. We considered starting a club, but were not ready for the endeavor and the circle of friends we had were very limited. Then Ernesta Monroe invited us to a dance held by the Spanish American Club, Inc. Yes, finally a place where we can enjoy our culture and music in a friendly and familial environment.

Ernesta again invited us to attend another event by The Spanish American Club, Inc. She told us that things had gotten much better and that the Board of Directors at that time had made the necessary changes to improve the events even more.. She was very convincing and I now want to thank her for being adamant in our participation. As we participated on a monthly basis in the following events in 2012 we started becoming a part of the regular scene and feeling more and more welcome at the club.

We really appreciated the welcoming smiles and fun loving people we encountered. Herman Santa, then President and original founding member always had a smile and welcoming words. Little by little members approached us and introduced themselves and made us feel welcome. The music was great, the food abundant and the camaraderie was the icing on the cake.  I decided to become a member of the club after participating in three events in 2012. 

Some months later the club was in need of candidates for the board and I was approached by Nancy Rozon with the words, “You should run for President”, my response was, “are you crazy” people don’t really know me and I am not sure if I want to do it anyway. Herman Santa then joined the chorus and although I really did not want to do it, I felt a sense of pride that people that did not know me were willing to consider me for leadership of this club. After discussion with my wife and family I relented and accepted the nomination and consequently was elected President for 2013. I can now say that I have no regrets in either joining the club or becoming its President. 2013 showed the potential within people to be great. 

My team on the board of directors helped me tremendously. I must remind everyone that it was all team work. Alex James (vice-president), Raquel O’Connor (secretary), Ron Bryson (treasurer), Nancy Rozon (Public Relations),Fe Vallderuten (director) , Al Feliciano (substitute) were the backbone of a very successful 2013 Board of Directors for The Spanish American Club, Inc. Herman Santa (founding member) cannot be left out as he continued to support the board and the club. Also being there to advise me when I needed guidance. They worked hard for the club and my success as your President and I thank them very much for their effort on our behalf.

I also would like to acknowledge the members of our club that are not of Hispanic heritage or ancestry, but nonetheless have participated and been part of the luster of the club. They help show that regardless of your culture, people are people and we all want a good life with people of common interests. 

And last but not least I want to thank the general membership for their support and participation in our events throughout 2013. Your continued participation in our dances, the picnic, bowling, dominoes, gambling cruise and golf, shows that no matter your age, you are vibrant and active. Having been re-elected president, I now look forward to an active and participatory 2014. 

Thank you for your continued faith in our board of directors.

Carlos A. Bonet – President

Back Row: L to R:  Public Relation, Tony Colon; President, Carlos Bonet; Treasurer, Ron Bryson; and Director, Al Feliciano.

Front Row: Secretary, Melissa Bonet-James; Substitute, Fe Vall de Ruten, and Vice President, Nancy Rozon.


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