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Mardi Gras 2012

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Magical Mardi Gras Party

By Herman Santa

The Annual Mardi Gras Party hosted by The Spanish American Club, Inc. was celebrated on Saturday, February 25 at a private clubhouse in Port St. Lucie.  Over 80 members and guests enjoyed an evening of costumes, food, dancing, and of course, the BEADS.  Among the guests attending were: Angel and Nerida Pellot, Benjamin and Mildred Pellot, Cathy Murphy, Fred Neyndorff, John Lamplugh, Elsie Sanguineti, Bill Shaw, Ligia Bernas, Placida Suarez, Maria Vazquez, Mariana Cubides, Lilian and Abel Cruz, Jaime Lao, Fran and Vivian Magaro, Carlos and Ivonne Bonet, Rachel O’Cconnell, Maritza Rivera, Jorge Felix, Katia Batista, Carmen Nieves, Marco and Dinah Herrera, Fernando and Elizabeth Mejia and Diane Manzanares.

Members and guests attending with birthdays during the month of February were asked to stand near the birthday cake while the DJ played the “Happy Birthday” song for them.  Among them were: Ivan Guanill , Katia Batista,  Nancy Rozon, Sonia Hernandez, Robert Candelario, Nora Candelario and Al Feliciano.   There were two 50/50 winners, a hat dance contest winner and five door prize winners.   The 50/50 were winners were: Tom Burger and Lucy Santa.  The hat dance contest winner was Mariana Cubides.  The Mardi Gras best costume was Gladys Piñeiro and the door prize winners were: Millie Gordon, Diana Manzanares, Alejandra Alvarado, Carlos Lopez and Xiomara Guanill.

I want to thank the Board of Directors who helped with the decoration; the set ups and planned the event.  Big thanks to the door prizes donors: Bryson, Feliciano, Rozon, Candelario & Santa families.  Also I want to thank the generous members and their guests who bought tickets for the 50/50 raffle.  And finally Norma Colon from Boston Market who donated the ice for the party and Yaxodara Mendible coordianted with Nora Candelario the arrangements for the party.  The next event of the club is the Spring Party which has been scheduled for Saturday, March 24.

Some of the participants during the selection of the Mardi Gras best costume

L to R: Ivan Guanill , Katia Batista, Nancy Rozon, Sonia Hernandez, Robert Candelario, Nora Candelario and Al Feliciano celebrating their birthdays at the Maridi Gras Party.

Some of the participants during the Hat Dance Constest