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Garage Sale

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Garage Sale

By Herman Santa

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, the members held a “Garage Sale”.  Some people call it Garage Sale, Yard Sale others Yard Sale.  What ever the name that is called, it was a success.

Thanks to the committee Ruben and Daisy Aleman, Nancy Rozon, Luis and Evelyn Carrillo, Ray Guadalupe, Isa and Ron Bryson and Carlos Mejia.  Our thanks and gratitude goes to other members that helped and assisted the committee selling the items: among them, Angel Pellot, Nereida Pellot, Josie Guadalupe, Evelyn Carrillo and Aida Nieves. They also donated many items for a good cause.

And last but not the least a big thank those members that donated articles for the “Garage Sale” to raise funds for the scholarship.  They are: Rosendo and Virginia Gonzalez, Herman and Lucy Santa, Augusto and Ana Rodriguez, Joe and Alicia Abbate, Dana and Maite Peterson, Dick and Karen Diamond to mention a few. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Garage Sale

Los socios del Spanish American club, Inc. están trabajando arduamente recaudando fondos para la beca del año 2017.  El Sábado 25 de Febrero, se hizo una venta de Garage Sale en el DAV en la ciudad de Port St. Lucie.  Algunos les llaman a estas ventas Garage Sale, Yard Sale otros Tag Sale.  Como sea que le llamen la venta fue un total exito.

Gracias al comité compuesto por Ruben y Daisy Aleman, Luis y Evelyn Carrillo, Ray Guadalupe, Isa y Ron Bryson, Nancy Rozon y Carlos Mejia.  Muchas gracias y gratitudes a los socios que también donaron artículos y asistieron en la venta del pulguero entre ellos están: Angel Pellot, Nereida Pellot, Josie Guadalupe, Evelyn Carrillo y Aida Nieves.

Photo # 1 From left Luis Carrillo, Evelyn Carrillo, Josie Guadalupe and Nereida Pellot

Photo # 2 Some people at the Garage Sale looking for a bargain


Valentine 2017

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. Annual Valentine Dinner Dance a great success

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. annual Valentine dinner dance on Saturday, Feb. 18 was a celebration enjoyed by members and their guests.

The event was held at the beautiful Club Med Resort in Port St. Lucie. Each guest enjoyed drinks, a delicious dinner, live entertainment and dancing the night away.

Members that were celebrating their birthdays: Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon, Martha González, Lily Cruz, Sonia Hernandez, Virginia González, Catalina Ruiz and Cathy Migliore.

A big “Thank You” to Carlos Bonet, coordinator of the event, we are blessed by your generosity. Thank you to those who volunteered, specially our board members who gave of their time, talent, knowledge and hard work: Ruben Aleman; president, Nancy Rozon; vice president, Luis Carrillo; treasurer, Al Feliciano; secretary, Ray Guadalupe; public relations, Isa Bryson; director and Carlos Mejia; substitute.

The club is a nonprofit membership organization from Martin and St. Lucie counties. The club was founded in 1992 and it is the oldest social, civic, benevolence and sport organization on the Treasure Coast. The mission of the club is to promote friendship and solidarity among its members and other non profit institutions of the Treasure Coast through cultural, social and civic activities and to promote the knowledge of the Spanish speaking countries, their geography, history, art and folklore.

This month next event of the club have been scheduled for Saturday, February 25, “Garage Sale” from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie (DAV), 1150 SW California Ave., Port St. Lucie 34953

Next month event have been scheduled for Saturday March 25, to celebrate “Mardi Gras” at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie. For information about the club, please contact the new president of the club, Ruben Aleman at: To learn more information about the club and to read and to see photographs of the events since 1992, visit:

El Spanish American Club celebra cena baile de enamorados

Por Herman Santa

El sábado 18 de febrero, El Spanish American Club, Inc. celebró el día de los Enamorados en el lujoso resort de Club Med en Port St. Lucie. La fiesta de enamorados la disfrutamos todos con nuestros familiares, amistades y muchos aprovecharon la ocación para celebrar sus cumpleaños en el mes de febrero entre ellos Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon, Martha González, Lily Cruz, Sonia Hernandez, Virginia González, Catalina Ruiz and Cathy Migliore. Fue una noche llena de alegria, tragos, cena, espectáculo y baile hasta la 1 de la mañana.

Nuestra directiva del club se siente muy orgullosa de los asistentes por su espíritu alegre y el apoyo que nos han dado. Ellos son Ruben Aleman, Nancy Rozon, Luis Carrillo, Al Feliciano, Ray Guadalupe, Isa Bryson y Carlos Mejia. Mil gracias al coordinador de la fiesta Carlos Bonet. Gracias a los socios y a sus amistades que compraron boletos para el beneficio de la beca.

El club se fundó en el 1992 y está entre las organizaciones cívicas no lucrativas en la “Costa del Tesoro” que han tornado la iniciativa en preservar el folklore, arte costumbres, lengua y las culturas de nuestros paises de habla hispana.

El próximo evento del club está planeado para el sábado 25 de marzo para celebrar la fiesta anual de Mardi Gras. La donación es de $10 por persona para los socios y $15 por persona para los invitados. El evento empezará a las 7:00 de la noche y terminará a la 11 de la noche. Reservaciones son requeridas. Para más información del club, por favor comunicarse con el nuevo presidente Rubén Alemán a: Para información del club visiten:

Photo # 1 From left Sonia Echevarria, José Echevarria, Yvonne Bonet, Carlos Bonet, Frank Megaro, Vivian Megaro, Ruben aleman and Mary Figliola

Photo # 2 From left Dan Carroll, Angelica Carroll, Cathy Migliore, Gus Migliore and Ray Negron

Photo # 3 From left Ed Parra, Linda Manzanares, Al Manzanares, Herman Santa, Lucy Santa, Isa Bryson and Ron Bryson

Photo # 4 From left Mrs. Atkins, Carl Atkins, Pam Peña, Al Peña, Hector Peña and Aminda Peña

Photo # 5 From left Yolanda Torres, Angel Pellot, Nereida Pellot, Al Feliciano, Virginia Feliciano, Melissa Feliciano, Evelyn Carrillo and Nestor Pereira

Photo # 6 From left Lou Rosa, Melissa Feliciano, Al Feliciano, Monica Feliciano, Eric Feliciano, Mr. Martinez, Dr. Martinez, Aida Velez and Roberto Velez

Photo # 7 From left Pete Marrero, Daisy Aleman, Ruben Aleman, Nestor Pereira, Yolanda Torres, Joe Padilla, Brunilda Padilla and Miriam Marrero


Memorial Day 2013

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Memorial Day

By Herman Santa

The Annual Memorial Day hosted by The Spanish American Club, Inc. was celebrated on Saturday, May 18 at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie.  The evening began with a delicious buffet catered by Mandi’s Café and Catering. After the dinner, D.J. José Ramírez played a Happy Birthday song for members and their guests who were celebrating their birthdays during the month of May, among them were: Norma Miller, Ida Gallant, Ruben Aleman, Isa Bryson and Sylvia Suárez.

After the celebration of the birthdays, the president of the club Carlos Bonet thanked Ivan Guanill who coordinated the Dominoes Tournament and presented the winners. Among them were: Johnny Borrás, Ruben Alemán, Billy Betancourt and Evie Cardona.   Later in the evening the board conducted the 50/50 raffle.  The winners were: Vivian Magaro, Annie Borras, Cecilia Pulido, Ernie Monroe, Ruben Alemán, Alicia Abbate and Marlene Marrero.

Another great party well planned by the board.  Everyone had a good time.  The Dee Jay José Ramirez did a nice job playing good Latin rhythms during the night.  Special thanks to those members who donated the gifts for the door prizes.  Next month the board is planning anther party to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday, June 22 at the same location.

Photo # 1 From left Ron Bryson, Isa Bryson, Lucy Santa, Guillermo Vignier, Cecilia Vignier, Maria Yacucci, Cecilia Pulido and Ray Matias

Photo # 2 From left Gilbert Paredes, Stella Paez, Enrique Alvarado, Leo Roman, Mercy Roman, Glady Piñeiro, Juan Piñeiro and Galud Segura

Photo # 3 From left  Alfredo Medina, Karen Diamond, Dick Diamond, Gus Migliore, Cathy Migliore and Yolanda Medina


Bowling 2017

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Do you like bowling?

By Herman Santa

Can you be a team player and willing to practice once a week or once in a while? If you are a member of the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) and answer yes to these questions, I would like to hear from you!

We practice once a week on Mondays at the St. Lucie Lanes, Port St. Lucie. We start at 6:00 until 9:00 P.M., which will give us enough time to play three games for $8.50 and 10 minutes practice before the games. The practices are voluntarily.   If you like bowling and would like to make new friends, come and join us and have fun with us. We are a fun group!  Port St. Lucie Lanes is located at 6759 S US 1, Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952(772) 461-4425,

For information about the club, please contact the new president of the club, Ruben Aleman at: For more information about the club, please visit

Bowling Tournament to benefit scholarship

Members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. and their friends will celebrate a Bowling Tournament this year at the St Lucie Lanes, Port St. Lucie to raise funds for the scholarship of the club.  The event will schedule for the Fall on a Monday night (Date, time and fee not available yet).   It will be a night of strikes, splits and sleepers for the first place for male and female.

Photo (top) Photo #1 From left: Back Row: Lou Arroyo, Norman Aroyo, Orlando Tirado,Charlie Rodriguez,Vicky Rodriguez,Angie,Josie Guadalupe, Cookie Santiago,Virginia Feliciano, Al Feliciano, Carlos Bonet,Felix Asencio,Angel Pellot, Ray Guadalupe and Tony Ramos.  Front Row:Herman Santa,Roberto Belardo, Ruben Aleman, Evelyn Carrillo,Nereida Pellot,Diana Nieves, Mirta Zapata,Mrs.Ramos and Gus Meza

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Scholarship Committee 2017

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The Spanish American Club, Inc. scholarship available to Martin and St. Lucie counties

By Herman Santa

Board 2017. From left Luis Carrillo; treasurer, Al Feliciano; secretary, Ruben Aleman; president; Carlos Mejia; substitute, Ray Guadalupe; public relations. Seated Nancy Rozon; vice president and Isa Bryson; director.

The Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) scholarship is available to graduating seniors who live in Martin and St. Lucie counties.  The scholarship is administered by the Spanish American club, Inc. Scholarship Committee.  This year new board of directors are: Ruben Alemán, President, Nancy Rozón Vice president, Al Feliciano; Secretary, Luis Carrillo; Tresurer, Ray Guadalupe; Public Relations, Isa Bryson; Director and Carlos Mejía; Substitute.

The scholarship committee are: Nancy Rozon, Directora, Carlos Bonet and Fe Vall de Ruten.  The SACI scholarship was established in 1994 for low-income Hispanic students.  More than $25,000 has been awarded to local students.   Thirty-nine high school seniors from Martin and St. Lucie counties have benefited from the scholarships.

The scholarships are awarded based on career interest academic achievement, financial need and other criteria.  Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA).  Letters of recommendation are accepted. Two students will be selected ($1,000 each) after one-on-one interview by the Spanish American Club, Inc. Scholarship Committee.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements for consideration: (1) Martin or St. Lucie county senior.  (2) Resident of either county. (3) Copy of the original transcript from the high school and (4) the student must read, write and speak Spanish.

Eligible students should submit the application by Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017.  Applications are available from Martin and St. Lucie counties Guidance Counselors.  For more information contact Nancy Rozon at (772) 486-7345, E-mail: or visit  Please send all correspondence to Spanish American Club, Inc.  P.O. Box 9356, Port St. Lucie, FL 34985

El Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) anuncia becas para estudiantes hispanos 2017

Por Herman Santa

Por veintedós años consecutivos El Spanish American Club, Inc. otorgará becas a estudiantes hispanos que continuarán sus estudios en cualquier colegio o universidad de Florida.  Este año la Junta Directiva del club la integran Ruben Alemán, Presidente, Nancy Rozón Vice presidente, Al Feliciano; Secretario, Luis Carrillo; Tesorero, Ray Guadalupe; Relaciones Públicas, Isa Bryson; Vocal y Carlos Mejía; Substituto. El comité de becas está compuesto por Nancy Rozon, Directora, Carlos Bonet y Fe Vall de Ruten.

El Spanish American Club, Inc. aceptará solicitudes hasta el martes 28 de febrero del 2017 para tres becas de $1000 cada una para estudiantes hispanos que se graduarán este verano de las Escuelas Superiores públicas de los condados de Martín y St. Lucie.  Para calificar, el solicitante debe ser de bajos ingresos, completar la solicitud del programa de becas del club, deberá tener un promedio mínimo de 3.0 y debe hablar, escribir y leer español.  Las solicitudes están disponibles en la oficina del “Guidance Counselor” en los condados ya mencionados.

Estudiantes interesados pueden llamar a Nancy al (772) 486-7345, E-mail: Por favor mandar toda la correspondencia al Spanish American Club, Inc.  P.O. Box 9356, Port St. Lucie, FL 34985. Busquen más información en nuestra página web:  Por medio de este periódico “La Voz”, agradezco al comité de becas, a los directores, socios del club, a los contribuyentes y a todos los que nos ayudan a recaudar fondos para la beca del club.

Golf 2017

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Let’s Play Golf!

By Herman Santa

Some members of The Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) and their friends like to play golf.  The golfers play 18 or 9 holes on Wednesdays.  They play from January trough December (Winter after 12 P.M. and Summer after 9 A.M.)  at The Saints in Port St. St. Lucie.  Some of the players are: Herman Santa, Gus Migliore, Luis Rosa, Ralph Harrison, Bernie Jethroe, Roberto Belardo, Gil Hulting, Neftalí Rivera, Jorge Pérez, Frenchy Perez, Fernando Mejía, Rubén Alemán, Pete Marrero, Gus Migliore, Al Peña, Frank Timen, Luie Arroyo, Carlos Bonet, Ray Guadalupe, Eric Frank, Robert Osborne, Eddy Faivre, Carl Atkins, Marco Flores, Norman Sepulveda, José Garcia, David Santiago and Norman Robinson

They are participating on the try outs since the group was formed over 22 years ago.    Some play “Closest to the Pin” on all Par Threes and others play the point system (Birdie 3 points, Par 2 points and a Bogie, 1 point).  You don’t have to be a member of the Spanish American Club, Inc. to join the group.  To find out more information about them, please contact Herman Santa at:  Come and join us, we are fun group.

Photo # 1 from left Jim Marquart, Ray Guadalupe, Fernando Mejia, Eddy Faivre, Norman Sepulveda, Herman Santa, Al Peña, Gus Migliore, Bernard Jethroe, Carl Atkins and Frank Timan

Photo # 2 From left Al Peña, Sylvana (Cart Girl) and Frank Timan

Photo # 3 from left Eddy Faivre, Norman Sepulveda, Jim Marquart, Ray Guadalupe, Fernando Mejia, Al Peña, Gus Migliore, Carl Atkins, Frank Timan, Bernard Jethroe and Herman Santa








¿Juega golf?

Por Herman Santa

Los socios y amigos del “Spanish American Club, Inc.”(SACI) continuan jugando golf en el campo de golf de “The Saint” en Port St. Lucie.  Todos los miercoles después de las 12 de la tarde (9 de la mañana en verano).  Ellos están participando en los “Try Outs” desde que se formó el grupo hace más de 20 años.  Algunos apuestan en los hoyos de “Par 3” y otros en el total de puntos (Birdie 2 puntos, Par 2 puntos y Bogie, 1 punto).  La esperanza del grupo es unir a los golfistas hispanos y hacer un torneo de golf al final de la temporada para recaudar fondos para la beca que ofrece el club a estudiantes hispanos de bajos ingresos.   Las personas que estén interesadas en unirse al grupo pueden contactar a Herman Santa:  !Ha Jugar golf se ha dicho!

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