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January 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Spanish American Club announces new directors for 2014

By Herman Santa

On Saturday Jan. 18,  the members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) celebrated their 22nd Annual General Assembly at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie to elect a new board of directors.  The meeting was called to order by the president Carlos Bonet who also was the master of ceremonies.  He conducted the general assembly and announced the candidates and other issues to be resolved.

Carlos Bonet was re-elected president along with treasurer Ron Bryson.  Other elected officers also were installed: public relations, Tony Colon; director, Al Feliciano; secretary, Melissa Bonet; substitute, Fe Vall de Ruten; and vice president, Nancy Rozon.  The business meeting ended with the awards ceremony.  Bonet recognized his directors for their service, contribution and dedication to the club with gift certificates.  The recipients of such gift certificates were: Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon, Ron Bryson, Fe Vall de Ruten, and Raquel O’Connor.  Other members that were recognized for their service were: Ivan Guanill, Tony Colon, Melissa Bonet, and Virginia Feliciano.

This was followed by the celebration of January’s birthdays.  Members present celebrating their birthday were: Xiomara Guanill, Celia Santiago, Nereida Pellot, Felix Asencio, and Ray Matias.  The D.J. played “Happy Birthday” for them and every one enjoyed the delicious birthday cake.  Door prizes winners were: Yvonne Bonet, Dick Diamond, Melissa Bonet, Celia Santiago, Carlos Bonet, Nancy Rozon and Al Manzanares.  D.J. José Ramírez took over the party and did a good job entertaining us until late in the evening.

Many thanks to the previous board of directors who donated the door prizes and those who helped with the decoration, the set -ups and planned the event. The new board extends its thanks to generous members and their guests who bought tickets for the 50/50 drawing and for the door prizes.  The Spanish American Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit social organization comprised of members in Martin and St. Lucie who are dedicated to the promotion and preserve the Hispanic heritage on the Treasure Coast.

The next event has been scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 15, to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the same location.  If any person is interested in becoming a member of the club, please contact the president of the club, Carlos Bonet, at  For more information please visit

Nueva Junta Directiva del SACI

Por Herman Santa

Los socios del Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) eligieron la junta de directores para el año fiscal 2014. La Asamblea General Annual se celebró el pasado sábado 18 de enero en el Disabled American Veterans Club de Port St. Lucie.  La nueva Junta Directiva está compuesta por Carlos Bonet; Presidente, Nancy Rozon; Vice Presidente, Ron Bryson; Tesorero, Melissa Bonet-James; Secretaria, Tony Colon; Relaciones Públicas, Al Feliciano; Vocal y Fe Vall de Ruten; Substituto. Después de la asamblea, los socios celebraron con un coctél y bailaron con el ritmo del D.J. José Ramírez hasta tarde en la noche. La próxima actividad está planeada para el sábado 15 de febrero en el mismo local. Para más información visite:

Photo # 1 L to R: Tony Colón, Melissa Bonet, Carlos Bonet, Fe Vall de Ruten, Nancy Rozon, Ron Bryson and Al Feliciano

Photo # 2: Some members enjoying the celebration after the General Assembly

Photo #3 L to R: Yolanda Foy, Virginia Feliciano, Karen Diamond, Dick Diamond, Quique Alvarado, Stella Paez and unidentified guest