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Dominoes 2018

April 29, 2018 Leave a comment


By Herman Santa

The event was held at Jensen Beach Park on Hutchinson Island on Saturday, April 29.   Perfect weather for a picnic kept everyone enjoying a barbecue with drinks, music and games.  While some enjoyed the beach, others socialized, dance. played dominoes, volleyball and rummykub.





Photo # 1 From left Marco Peña, Nereida Pellot, Aminda Sampson and Evelyn Carrillo

Photo # 2 From left Millie Asencio, Luis Arroyo, Nesto Pereira and Luis Carrillo

Photo # 3 From Left Gilberto Ferri, Ruben Rivera, Pedro de la Paz and José Echevarria

Photo # 4 From left Luis Carrillo, Ivan Guanill, Ruben Aleman and J.J. Santiago