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Bowling Rules

November 10, 2019 Leave a comment

Do you like bowling?

By Herman Santa

Can you be a team player and willing to practice once a week or once in a while?

If you are a member of the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) and answer yes to these questions, I would like to hear from you! Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to facilitate lane assignments.

We practice every Monday at Super Play, St. Lucie West. Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes early to facilitate lane We start at 6:00 until 9:00 P.M., which will give us enough time to play three games for $6.

The practices are voluntarily.   If you like bowling and would like to make new friends, come and join us and have fun with us. We are a fun group!  Port St. Lucie Lanes is located at 1600 NW Courtyard Cir, Port St. Lucie, FL  Tel. 772-800-7328.

Tournament Rules

By Andres Padilla

Trophies will be awarded for both men and ladies that attain 1st, 2nd , and 3rd place High Handicap Series (HHS) and top Handicap Game (HHG).

If two or more bowlers are tied for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place HHS, the trophy would go to the bowler with the highest handicap game. Conversely, if two or more bowlers are tied for the top HHG, the trophy would go to the bowler with the highest handicap series.

Note: Earlier this year we changed our scoring system to a handicap format to provide for a more balanced competitive platform.  Now, literally anyone can earn top handicap game and series score. 

Nearly 80% of men and ladies that have bowled at least 3 times this year have earned High Handicap Game and/or High Handicap Series honors.  In other words, on any given day anyone can bowl the top handicap game or series.