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Scholarship Award 2006

September 18, 2019 Leave a comment

Scholarship Award 2006

By Herman Santa

Dr. Enrique Ospina, President of the Spanish American Club, Inc. “S.A.C.l.”, Herman Santa, director of the Scholarship Program, William Preciado and Isa Bryson, members of the S.A.C.l. Scholarship Committee met Saturday May 20th to select to the winners of the 2006 scholarship.  Jessica Benitez, Mexican of Port St Lucie and Miriam Hernandez, Guatemalan of 1ndiantown were selected among a pool of six Hispanic candidates as the winners of the-SACI Scholarship this year.

Photo L to R: Isa Bryson, William Preciado, Miriam Hernandez (Scholarship winner 2006), Dr. Enrique Ospina and Herman Santa