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Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day

By Herman Santa

The Annual Memorial Day hosted by The Spanish American Club, Inc. was celebrated on Saturday, May 18 at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie.  The evening began with a delicious buffet catered by Mandi’s Café and Catering. After the dinner, D.J. José Ramírez played a Happy Birthday song for members and their guests who were celebrating their birthdays during the month of May, among them were: Norma Miller, Ida Gallant, Ruben Aleman, Isa Bryson and Sylvia Suárez.

After the celebration of the birthdays, the president of the club Carlos Bonet thanked Ivan Guanill who coordinated the Dominoes Tournament and presented the winners. Among them were: Johnny Borrás, Ruben Alemán, Billy Betancourt and Evie Cardona.   Later in the evening the board conducted the 50/50 raffle.  The winners were: Vivian Magaro, Annie Borras, Cecilia Pulido, Ernie Monroe, Ruben Alemán, Alicia Abbate and Marlene Marrero.

Another great party well planned by the board.  Everyone had a good time.  The Dee Jay José Ramirez did a nice job playing good Latin rhythms during the night.  Special thanks to those members who donated the gifts for the door prizes.  Next month the board is planning anther party to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday, June 22 at the same location.

Photo # 1 From left Ron Bryson, Isa Bryson, Lucy Santa, Guillermo Vignier, Cecilia Vignier, Maria Yacucci, Cecilia Pulido and Ray Matias

Photo # 2 From left Gilbert Paredes, Stella Paez, Enrique Alvarado, Leo Roman, Mercy Roman, Glady Piñeiro, Juan Piñeiro and Galud Segura

Photo # 3 From left  Alfredo Medina, Karen Diamond, Dick Diamond, Gus Migliore, Cathy Migliore and Yolanda Medina


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