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Golf Rules

Rules: (Revised 8/19/15)

(1) Winner is determined when surpassing betting line

(2) Looser is determined when not meeting betting line

(3) Tie is determined when matching the betting line. (no win, no loss)

(4) Completed rounds count. Incomplete round is null and void. (rain, lightning etc…)

(5) Maximum strokes counted = 2 over par (double boggie)

(6) Gimmi = Must be given not taken. Note: NO gimmi’s when putting for Eagle, Birdie or Par.

(7) Greene = Land on green from the Tee and Par the hole.

(8) Birdie & Greene (Par 3’s) PAYS OUT $2 DOLLARS.

(9) Sandy = Par a par 3, 4, or 5 if you play a stroke from the sand.

(10) Follow golf rules when out of bounds, water etc. Drop ball as rule requires – shoulder high no closer to flag.

(11) Remember Golf is a gentleman’s game and we play with friends. Play within the rules. No exceptions.

(12) When there are no losers in betting points one dollar in the pot to player/s with most points over betting line.

(13) A newcomer must play a minimum of three rounds before being allowed to participate in betting line scoring

(14) Players must notify Herman via Email or phone by Monday evening if they are not able to play.

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