Parade 2011

Spanish American Club participates in PSL Anniversary Parade

By Herman Santa

Once again, the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) was well represented at the 50th Anniversary of the city of Port St. Lucie.  The parade was held at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center on April 30. Many members and their families marched behind the banners of the club.  Vice President Kathy Rivera, Past President Jimmy Rivera and President Mary Figliola  held a banner with the logo of the club while they smiled at the crowd  throughout the parade.  Directors Nora Candelario and Nancy Rozon held another banner.  Behind them were Herman  Santa, Felix Asencio and Billie Betancourt with Colombian, Puerto Rican and  American flags.

Many volunteers associated with SACI walked along with the members along the parade  route. Among them were Robert Candelario, Al Feliciano, Angel and Nereida  Pellot, Danny Duval, Jamie Rivera, Isa Gallant and Millie Gordon.  Other members who didn’t walk but joined the members after the parade were Lucy  Santa, Virginia Feliciano, Frank Schroedl and Laura La O.

Thank you to the members and their families who participated on the parade. With  their presence, the event was a success.  The SACI was the only group representing the Hispanics on the TreasureCoast.  Our next event has been scheduled for Saturday, May 28th to celebrated our Annual Scholarship Night Dinner Dance at the “El Floridita Cuban Cuisine restaurant in Port St. Lucie.  Reservation is required befor May 23, 2011.

Another photo showing the volunteers at the Parade

L to R: Robert Candelario, Herman Santa, Millie Gordon, Felix Asencio, Nilda Betancourt and Angel Pellot

1st. Row: L to R: Vice president Kathy Rivera, past president, Jimmy Rivera and president Mary Figliola holding a banner (Logo) of the club. 2nd. Row: Nora Candelario and Nancy Rozon holding the other banner (Flags) of the club.

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