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Anniversary 2011

Spanish American Club, Inc. Hosts Memorable 19th Anniversary

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. held its 19th Anniversary on Saturday, September10 at a private club house in Ft.  Pierce.  The food was delicious, the music was good and the board gave away many door prices.  Over 50 members and guests attended the event.  The members prepared the event’s menu, which featured arroz con gandules, frijoles negros, yucca, fried chicken, pastas, vegetables and salads.

Right after the dinner and the coffee, they celebrated the member’s birthdays.  Among them were Joe Abbate and Karen Diamond.  Then they danced until late at night with the rhythm of Max Duhalde.  Door prize winners were: Gladys Piñeiro, Millie Gordon, Ida Gallant, Billie Betancourt and Virginia Feliciano.  Juan Piñeiro won the 50/50 and Cecilia Pulido won the hot dance contest.

The members have been celebrating the events for nearly two decades now.  Many thanks to the board of directors who donated the door prizes and those who helped planned the event.  The board extends its thanks to generous members who bought tickets for the 50/50.  Save the date: Saturday, Oct. 15.  The club will hold its annual Halloween Party.

L to R: Nereida Pellot, Angenol Pellot, Felix Asencio, Millie Gordon, Norma Castro, Joe Castro, Billie Betancourt and Nilda Betancourt celebrating the 19th Anniversary of the club

D.J. Max Duhalde

L to R: Mary Figliola, Gladys Piñeiro, Billie Betancourt, Millie Gordon, Ida Gallant Virginia Feliciano, Kathy Rivera and Nancy Rozon.

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