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Sponsor’s Night 2011

Carly’s Royal Party

By Herman Santa

On Saturday, November 5, 2011, some members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. dined and danced at the “Royal Party” at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Port St. Lucie West.

After the dinner the members enjoyed a hat parade presented by “Grupo de Oraciones” and a performance of the local singer Alejandro”.  The elegant hat competition was coordinated by Carly Wehrly.  Alejandro sang a few songs for the audience.  After the show the guests danced with the music of D.J. José Ramirez until 11 P.M.

The food was delicious, the show and the singers were great.  Proceed  of the party went to the “Baby Jesus Birthday Party” in December.

L to R: Unidentified guest, Mary Figliola, Ron Bryson, Kathy Rivera, Xiomara Guanill and undientified guest.

L to R: Al Feliciano, Virginia Feliciano, Mary Figliola and Kathy Rivera

L to R: Lionel Roman, Mercy Roman, Isa Bryson, Ron Bryson, Herman Santa and Lucy Santa

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