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Scholarship 2012 (Morales)

Spanish American Club, Inc. awards scholarship to local Hispanic student

By Herman Santa

Lorena Morales, winner of 2012 scholarship

The Spanish American Club, Inc. recently awarded a scholarship to a local Hispanic student.  The one year scholarship of $500, which is dependent on trust earnings, covers tuition, books, school supplies or other college expenses.  The recipient of the 2012 scholarship award is Lorena Morales who was born in Mexico and lives in Indiantown.  Lorena is a student at Martin County South Fork High School will attend Indian River State College to become a nurse.

Lorena was selected as a winner from more that 15 students who applied for the scholarship of the club.  The award is presented each year by the club and is based on grades, academic accomplishments and economic needs.  The scholarship was established in 1994 and has awarded over $14,000 since its inception.  More than 26 high school students have benefited from the scholarships.

This year scholarship committee chair is Herman Santa, co chair with Isa Bryson, Nancy Rozon and Nora Candelario selected the students for their achievements, trustworthiness, character, responsibility, fairness, caring and academics.  The students were asked to write an essay in Spanish and submit letters of recommendation.  They were interviewed by the committee and were asked several questions concerning their goals and objectives and why they deserved the scholarship. The students have been awarded $500 scholarships.

The members of the club organize monthly events such as dances, golf, bowling and dominoes tournaments, picnics and boat trips to raise funds for the scholarship and to run the club.  Photo: Lorena Morales, 2012 scholarship winner


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