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Independence 2012

Spanish American Club celebrates another great party

By Herman Santa

Members of The Spanish American Club, Inc. hosted the Annual Independences Party (US, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Perú) on Saturday, July 21 at the Disabled American Veteran’s Club in Port St. Lucie.  The 90 plus attendees were entertained by D.J. “Rob Torrence” from Showtime Entertainment.  They enjoyed a night of dancing, food, door prizes and good camaraderie.  After the dinner, members celebrating their birthdays during the month of July were asked to stand near the birthday cake while the DJ played the “Happy Birthday” song for them.  Among them were: Jana Vargas, Norma Castro, Quique Alvarado, Ron Bryson, Carmen Nieves, Alicia Abbate, Vicky Rodriguez and Roberta Linares.

Followed the birthday celebration, the directors held the 50/50 raffle, the door prize drawing and the hat dance contest.  The raffle winners: Carlos Melendez, Ernesta Monroe, Fernando Mejia, Larry Couloris, Gladys Velez, Quique Alvarado, Al Feliciano and Diana Sanchez.  The door prize winner was Helen Couloris and the hat dance contest winner was Vicky Rodriguez.  Later in the evening Marine veterans sang the Marine Corps hymn.  Among the guests attending were: Pedro and Betty Balaguera, Jorge and Carmen Perez, Neftali and Maria Rivera, Larry and Helen Couloris, Dan and Evelyn Depagnier, Bob and Georgia Leon, Bob and Iris Strickland, Marco and Dinah Herrera, Pedro and Rosa Moran, Eliseo and Maria Cruz, Maritza Ruiz, Frank Rivera, Betty Vera, Diana Sanchez, Jesus Piñeiro, Andrea Moreira, Yolanda Roca, Jana Vargas, Maritza Rivera, Ana Nieves, Catalina Ruiz and Anna Guerra.

I want to thank Deacon Carlos Melendez for the prayer before the dinner and the Board of Directors who helped with the decorations; the set ups and planned the event.  Many thanks to the door prizes donors: Nancy Rozon, Karen Diamond, Marcel Cartagena and Al Manzanares.  Big thanks go to the members and their guests who bought tickets for the raffles.  And finally, I want to thank Elizabeth Mejia from McDonald’s restaurant who donated the ice for the party.  The next event of the club has been planned for Saturday, August 25, 2012, to celebrate our “20th Anniversary” with a catered dinner and a live band “La Nueva Herencia Latina”.  Admission is $15 for members and $20 for non members.  Reservations are required before Saturday, August 11, 2011.

L to R: Maria Rivera, Neftali Rivera, Ines Rico, Vicky Rodriguez, Karen Meza, Gus Meza, Charlie Rodriguez, Jorge Perzez and Carmen Perez

L to R: Norma Castro, Quique Alvarado, Ron Bryson, Carmen Nieves, Alicia Abbate, Vicky Rodriguez and Roberta Linares.

L to R: Larry Couloris, Carlos Melendez, Diana Sanchez, Ernesta Monroe, Gladys Velez, Helen Couloris, Quique Alvarado, Al Feliciano and Alejandro Mejia.

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