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Billiard Tournament 2014

Spanish American Club hosts Billiard Tournament

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. Billiard Tournament was hosted Saturday, March 15, at the St. Lucie Lanes in Port St. Lucie.  Club member Ivan Guanill coordinated the event. The event produced enthusiastic participation by local Hispanic billiard players. The billiard tournament features a ration of 12 players in a round single’s play. The entry fee was $5 per player and players were selected by lottery. All players played at least one game for the classification. The players that lost two games were declared out of the competition.

Winners: Angel Pellot (6-0), 2nd Place: Carlos Bonet (5-1) and 3rd Place Billy Betancourt (3-2). Other players that participated were: Jimmy Rivera, Joe Castro, Herman Santa, Al Feliciano, Tony Canales, Rubén Alemán, Melanie Polanco, Javier Crespo and Tony Colón.  The next event has been scheduled for Saturday, March 29, to celebrate Mardi Gras at the same location. If any person is interested in becoming a member of the club, please contact the president of the club, Carlos Bonet, at c.bonet@aol.com. For more information please visit http://www.spanishamericanclubinc.org.

Angel Pellot conquista el título del 1er. Torneo de Billar del SACI

Por Herman Santa

El “Spanish American club, Inc.” llevó a cabo su 1er. Torneo de Billar en la bolera de “St. Lucie Lanes” el sábado 15 de marzo del 2014.  El evento fue coordinado por Ivan Guanill. En segundo lugar quedó Carlos Bonet (5-1) y Billy Betancourt (3-2) quedó en tercer lugar. Otros jugadores que participaron fueron: Jimmy Rivera, Joe Castro, Herman Santa, Al Feliciano, Tony Canales, Rubén Alemán, Melanie Polanco, Javier Crespo y Tony Colón. Por medio de La Voz les quero dar las gracias a todos los participantes que dijeron presente para este evento.

Photo # 1 L to R: Ivan Guanill, Billy Betancourt, Nereida Pellot, Angel Pellot y Carlos Bonet

Photo # 2 L to R: Ivan Guanill and Angel Pellot

Phot0 # 3 L to R: (Back Row) Tony Canales, Tony Colón, Carlos Bonet, Herman Santa, Billy Betancourt, Angel pellot, Javier Crespo and Al Feliciano.  Front Row: Ivan Guanill, Melanie Polanco, Nereida Pellot, Joe Castro and Xiomara Guanill.


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