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Sponsor’s Night 2014 P.A.R.T.

Pan-American Round Table (P.A.R.T.) Dinner/Dance Party

By Herman Santa

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, some members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. and their guests dined and danced at the Mesa Redonda or “P.A.R.T.” Party at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie.

PART invited several guests from Miami Pan-American Round Table. After the dinner the members enjoyed dancing music with the local D.J. José Ramírez.  The elegant dinner dance Christmas party was coordinated by Nancy Rozon, president of the organization and her board of directors Deyanira Perez, Lucia Guzman, Maite Peterson, Ida Gallant, Yolanda Foy and Luzma Carroll.  The food was catered by Chef Guzman. Master of Ceremonies was Nancy Rozon.  The food was delicious, the music was great and the silence Action was a success. We had a great time.

Photo # 1 Norberto, Chef Ray Guzman and Ricky

Photo #2 Nancy Rozon

Photo #3 “Miami 1 Round Table” Standing Dayanira Perez, Crisey Darios, Nancy Rozon and Jannette Lopez: Seating  Omni Bastos and Luisa Cajina




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