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Christmas Toys 2011

Spanish American Club brings joy to underprivileged children during holidays

By Herman Santa

The members of the Spanish American Club, Inc.(SACI) celebrated a Christmas Party on Saturday December 18 to collect Christmas toys for needy kids.  The SACI continued a 19 year tradition by donating more than 30 holiday toys bags to Helping People Succeeds Healthy Families Program.  Agueda Mejia who works for “Helping People Succeed” collected the gift bags for the children.

Agueda compiled the list of the children with their names and ages.  Last month, Agueda also helped the club with the distribution of food baskets to low income families in Indiantown in Thanksgiving.  Thanks to the board of directors of the club that made this possible and to the members that made donations and helped with the Christmas Toys drive.

Photo #1 Brando y Jaqueline.  They wrote ” Para el club hispano, muchas gracias. 

Photo #2 Herman and Lucy Santa from the Christmas Toys Drive with the toys collected for needy kids

Photo #3 Unidentified child with the Christmas toy 

PhotoScan (6)

Christmas Toys 10

PhotoScan (3)

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