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Las Vegas 2016

Spanish American Club members celebrated Las Vegas Trip

By Herman Santa

Members and friends of the Spanish American Club, Inc. went on a five-day Las Vegas trip.  The trip was organized by our president Carlos Bonet. The trip started at 8 a.m. from Port St. Lucie Friday, May 1 and returned Sunday, Saturday, May 7. Every one enjoyed the trip, the casinos, buffet and the music.

Photo # 1 (Back Row) From left: Lydia “Vicky” Rodriguez, Ernesta “Ernie” Monroe, Magda Lopez, Carmen Santoni,Nelson Santoni, Daisy Aleman, Ruben Aleman, Luis Carrillo, Agenol “Angel” Pellot, Nereida Pellot, Al Feliciano and Virginia Feliciano.  (Front Row) Yvonne Bonet, Carmen Nieves, Carlos Bonet, Blanca Stella Paez and Maritza Rivera.

Photo # 2 From left: Ernesta Monroe, Virginia Feliciano, Al Feliciano, Vicky Rodriguez,  Carmen Neives, Mariza Rivera, Daisy Aleman, Carlos, Bonet, Ivonne Bonet, Blanca Estella Paez, Evelyn Carrillo, Luis Carrillo, Nereida Pellot, Angel Pellot, Magda Lopez and Charlie Rodriguez

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