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Picnic 2018

Annual Spanish American Club Picnic…Sun & Fun in the Sand!

By Charlie Quiles

“Summer time and the livin’ is easy…” is the way the song goes. But not for this group, their mantra would have been, “Fiesta! Fiesta! Todo el Dia!” (Party! Party! All day long!). The aroma of sizzling hamburgers and hot dogs filled the air. Latin music courtesy of Luis Arroyo drew the invited guests and their families to pavilion #4. This is how the members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. welcomed the beginning of summer. This year’s festivity was held at the Jensen Beach Park on Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach.

Refreshments were plenty, hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and potato salad were served up by Ray Guadalupe, his daughter Ariana (Can you believe she came all the way down from Kissimmee.), Carlos Mejia and Ruben Aleman. Homemade guacamole, corn bread, even Italian cookies, to name a few, were shared by all. Drinks of all sorts were available. Oh yeah, and then there was that coffee. It hit the spot thanks to Annie Borrás.

Members were greeting one another with hugs and kisses as if attending a huge family reunion. Wait a minute, that describes exactly what we are. One big happy family, sharing photos, smiling, while taking new ones. Our more energetic members demonstrated their prowess on the volleyball court. Sometimes punching, sometimes diving but mostly chasing the ball that went rolling off the court. We on the sidelines regretted our inability to participate for whatever reason. However we enjoyed watching the efforts put forth by these valiant weekend warriors.

Except for these volleyball players or those sunbathing and swimming at the beach on this beautiful and cloudless sunny day most of us were relieved by the cool breeze blowing through the pavilion. We lounged about engaged in all forms of activity. Laughing children ran about while our more elderly tacticians sat at their domino tables keenly observing their opponents in a grand match of wits. We conversed, we joked all while listening to Latin music. Occasionally Carlos Mejia tooted his whistle, counted, “…1, 2, 3” then everyone joined in with, “wuoOH!!!”. Elizabeth Mejia had the first winning ticket in the 50/50 raffle. A moment of excitement came when our president, Ruben Aleman won the second prize. Immediately, someone shouted out, good-naturedly, “Trampa! Trampa!”(Cheat! Cheat!). This drew laughter from the group. Overall, this picnic was a huge success on a day specifically tailored for fun, fun, fun.

Again, as usual, all of this was made possible through the hard work of our Board of Directors: President – Ruben Aleman; Vice President – Nancy Rozon; Treasurer – Luis Carillo; Secretary – Giselle Borrás; Public Relations Director – Ramon Guadalupe, and; Director – Carlos Mejia. As for the rest of us, a special shout out to Ariana Guadalupe for helping out with the grill and Yvonne Bonet for assisting Nancy at the welcoming table. If I have forgotten anyone, pardon me. We applaud your efforts. Thank you all.

The Spanish American Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit social organization comprised of members in Martin and St. Lucie who are dedicated to the promotion and preserve the Hispanic heritage on the Treasure Coast.

Hasta la proxima! (Until next time!)

P.S.- The next club event celebrates “Mothers’ Day” on Saturday, May 26 at the Disabled American Veterans hall in Port St. Lucie. There will be a buffet and reservations are required. For more information please contact President Ruben Aleman at: aleman.999@aol.com. For more information regarding the club visit our website at: www.thespanishamericanclubinc.org.

Picnic anual del Spanish American Club… ¡Sol y diversión en la arena!

Por Charlie Quiles y Maria Quiles

El aroma de las hamburguesas y los hot dogs llenaba el aire. La música latina atrajo a los invitados al pabellón n. ° 4. Así es como los socios de Spanish American Club, Inc. dieron la bienvenida al comienzo del verano. La fiesta de este año se llevó a cabo en el Jensen Beach Park en Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach.

BBQ junto con ensalada de papa fueron servidos por Ray Guadalupe y su hija Ariana. Carlos Mejia repartió las alitas de pollo fritas. Guacamole, pan de maíz, incluso las galletas italianas fueron compartidas por todos. Bebidas de todo tipo estaban disponibles. Y luego estaba ese café, QUE RICO!. Dió en el clavo gracias a Annie Borrás.

Nos saludamos con abrazos y besos. Compartimos fotos, sonreímos y tomaban nuevas fotos. Nuestros socios más enérgicos demostraron su destreza en la cancha de voleibol. A veces golpeando, a veces lanzandose a la arena pero principalmente persiguiendo la pelota que se salia rodando de la cancha. Los espectadores disfrutaron de ver a estos valientes guerreros de fin de semana.

Excepto por estos jugadores, los bañistas y nadadores en la playa, la mayoría de nosotros descansábamos en la fresca brisa que soplaba a través del pabellón. Los niños riendo corrían mientras nuestros ancianos tácticos se sentaban en sus mesas de dominó observando a sus oponentes en un juego de ingenio. Conversamos, bromeamos. Elizabeth Mejia tuvo el primer boleto ganador en la rifa 50/50 y Ruben Alemán el segundo.

El evento del “Día de la Madre” es el sábado 26 de mayo en la D.A.V. hall en Port St. Lucie. Para reservaciones, comuníquese con el presidente Rubén Aleman en: aleman.999@aol.com o en nuestra página web: www.thespanishamericanclubinc.org.

Para todos los que ayudaron, aplaudimos sus esfuerzos.





Photo # 1 (Top)  From left Pete Marrero and Rubén Alemán

Photo # 2 From left Carlos Mejia, Dan Carroll and Ariana Guadalupe

Photo # 3 Roberto Velez, Rubén Rivera, Carmen Rivera and (Front) Aida Vélez

Photo # 4 Elizabeth Mejia and Rubén Aleman (50/50 winners)

Photo # 5 From left Unidentified guest, Ivonne Bonet, Melissa Sanchez, Domingo Sanchez and his son




Photo # 6 From left (Back Row) Josie Guadalupe, Ariana Guadalupe, Carlos Bonet and Herman Santa (Front Row) Carlos Mejia, Tony Cruz, Al Feliciano and Al Peña

Photo # 7 From left María Ferri, Maria Quiles, Evelyin Carrillo, Annie Borrás, Charlie Quiles and Félix Sanabria


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