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Sport 2018

It’s a Sporting Life

by Charlie Quiles

On Friday, November 18th at the Polish American Social Club, 343 NW Prima Vista Blvd, PSL, the boxer bobs and weaves avoiding the punches of his opponent then delivers his own counter-punching blows. The running back twists and spins his body to evade the grasps of the defenders in order to reach his goal. The dancer clutches his partner softly but firmly while guiding her through a series of turns. The movement flows ever so smoothly.  The couple glides across the dance room floor all the while synchronizing their movements to the rhythmic sounds of the Latin beat. Imagine now this feat repeated by many couples on the smooth teak wood floor. Such is the sport and art form we know as dance.

It’s no wonder that tonight’s theme was a ‘Sporting Dance’. There were ladies and gents dressed in the football attire of their favorite team (i.e. – NY Giant’s, yeah!!). Lakers (Vivian Megaro) and Heat (Maria Quiles) uniforms were worn with pride. Yvonne Bonet wore her tribute to the basketball icon Michael Jordan.  A whole table of fans were dressed in the shiny yellow jerseys of the Colombian National soccer team. They cheered all night as if in attendance at a ‘World Cup’ match. However, in the midst of this throng was a sole fan, Elizabeth Mejia, proudly displaying the colors of her native Peru. Josie Guadalupe acknowledged her preference for the team known around the world, the New York Yankees, while Denise Bodden brandished the cap of their cross-town rival the NY Mets. So many teams, so much camaraderie absent any trash talk (Whew, that was a fortunate relief!) They danced al l night long enjoying one and others company.

Birthday celebrants for the month of November attending the night’s event enjoyed a resounding if not raucous singing of “Happy Birthday”. They included Denise Bodden, a NY Mets fan, Rosie Basabe Soto and Javier Andrade, one of many Colombian soccer fans.  Door prize winners danced their way to the front of the hall to a variety of tunes. The all female group displayed their gifts before an audience of hooters and hollerers. They were Elizabeth Mejia, minus her Peru team jersey, Josie Guadalupe, Miss NY Yankee, Vivian Megaro, a Lakers fan and two elegantly dressed ladies Zaida Concepcion and Naomi Sanabria.


In sports the role of woman has finally been acknowledged by the general public. To any keen observer the same seems to have occurred at this night’s festivity. Wow! Winners of the fifty/fifty drawing were two exquisitely attired ladies Theresa Peña and Maite Peterson (N.B.- proceeds obtained from this drawing benefit the SACI Scholarship Fund).

The Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) recognizes it’s role within the Treasure Coast community and as such has donated food baskets or certificates for food to needy families during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Al Feliciano was the only male to win a raffle, a ‘Basket of Cheer’ prepared by Nancy Rozon. Of course the Colombian soccer fans all rushed to his table with glasses in hand hoping to share in the winnings.  Our membership has also donated or collected toys for distribution this Christmas season to low income or disadvantaged children throughout our area. On that note, SACI wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season.

As usual, all of this was made possible through the hard work of our Board of Directors: President, Ruben Aleman; Vice President, Nancy Rozon; Treasurer, Lionel Roman; Secretary, Raquel O’Connor; Public Relations Director, Ramon Guadalupe; Director, Carlos Mejia, and; Substitute Director, Charlie Quiles. The Club applauds your efforts. Thank you all.  The Spanish American Club was founded in 1992. The mission of the club is to promote friendship and solidarity among its members and other non profit organizations throughout the Treasure Coast through cultural, social, civic and sport activities; to promote knowledge of all Spanish speaking countries, their geography, history, art, and folklore.

The next dance will be the “New Years Dance” held on, Friday December 28th at the Polish American Social Club, 343 NW Prima Vista Blvd, PSL, Fl. There will be a buffet and reservations are required. Contact President Rubén Alemán at aleman.999@aol.com. For information regarding the club, visit http://www.thespanishamericanclubinc.org. Hasta la proxima! (Until next time!)






Photo # 1 (Top) Basket of Cheers winner L to R L to R: Ruben Aleman, Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon and Carlos Mejia

Photo # 2 Door prize winners L to R Ruben Aleman, Elizabeth Mejia, Josie Guadalupe, Vivian Megaro, Zaida Concepcion, Naomi Sanabria and Carlos Mejia

Photo # 3 Birthday L to R Denise Bodden, Rosie Basabe Soto, Ruben Aleman and Javier Andrade

Photo # 4 50/50 winners L to R Theresa Pena and Maite Peterson


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