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Billiard Rules

Eight ball – High – Low

By Ivan Guanill

Players play once against each other until two losses eliminates players.

1. Flip coin to determine who breaks. Winner breaks next game. Flip coin to

determine who breaks if both players have won their previous game.

2. On break: If eight ball falls in pocket, it is not a scratch, that player wins the game. If eight ball falls in pocket, and cue ball scratches or falls off pool table, player then loses.

3. Safe play must be called, maximum three (3) per game and cue ball must hit a ball and then the cushion.

4. Must hit your ball first. If any of your balls go in, you continue shooting.

5. You don’t have to call your pocket. Must call pocket for eight ball.Paragraph

6. Eight ball must go in the pocket your last ball went in.

7. While shooting eight ball, if you scratch cue ball or cue ball goes off the table, you lose the game.

8. If you scratch the cue ball or it goes off the table, all other balls will remain where they are.

9. You will lose your shot if you touch balls accidentally or otherwise with


10. If you work eight (8) ball “intentionally” near a pocket not designated as

your last pocket, it will automatically be cause for spotting eight (8) ball.Paragraph

Maximum number of players is 20. First come first serve basis.

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