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By Evelyn Delgado

From left: Mary Figliola, Josie Guadalupe, Evelyn Carrillo, Carlos Bonet, Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon and Vivian Megaro

This afternoon’s meeting proceeded with a call to order by President Carlos Bonet.  We proceeded with a minute of silence for member(s) that were no longer with us and for those that are ill. Mr. Bonet thanked everyone that attend the assembly meeting.  Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic a total of 24 members attended.  Approval of “Notice of Assembly Meeting” (Nov.1st, Dec. 22), and of the 2019 General Assembly Minutes was unanimously passed.

Yearly Reports:

Carlos Bonet, President reported that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SACI monthly events for 2021 will be announced as discussed at the Monthly Board of Directors Meeting.  The Board will be considering going forward with the Annual Picnic Event which is scheduled for April 24, 2021.  Other tentative events would be the Mother’s Day (May) and Father’s Day (June) events.  Of course, all events are pending members participation and the Covid situation.  Carlos also explained that because of the limited events the membership dues were lowered to $15 per member if membership was renewed on or before December 31, 2020. After this date, if anyone want to renew their membership and/or wants to join SACI, they will need to pay the usual $30 per person donation.   A total of 84 members took advantage of this offer.  The Golf players continues to meet every Friday at The Saints Golf Club from 9-10am (hours changes due to Covid). If further information is needed please contact Herman Santa @ 772-486-4928.  The Bowling players also continues to meet every Monday @ SuperPlay Bowling Alley starting at 6pm. If additional information is needed please contact Andres Padilla @ 301-254-2480. (See below for the February/March bowling 50/50 winners.

Article of Incorporation:

Carlos Bonet discussed the changes of the Articles of Incorporation in great details.  As everyone knows, SACI has been diligently trying to obtain the 501(C) 3 (Tax Exemption) for the past 2 years. By obtaining the 501© 3, this will allow SACI to receive donations that can be raffled to assist with the Scholarship Grants and/or items needed at the events. The Article of Incorporation changes was unanimously approved. It would be Carlos’s decision weather he submits them with the changes we made or have someone with A.O.I. knowledge to review prior to submitting them.

Annual Treasury Report

Josephina Guadalupe, Treasurer discussed the details on the Annual Treasury report. (Please see attachments)

Annual Scholarship Report

Nancy Rozon, Director of the Scholarship Committee started with thanking Pamela Pena, Al Feliciano, Elizabeth Mejia, and Herman Santa who worked diligently, who were dedicated and participation in the scholarship committee under the uncertainty of what would happen during the pandemic. Due to the pandemic the Board of Education was in total array with all the changes mandated by the Dept of Health making it exceedingly difficult with the interviews of the High School Graduates.  Nevertheless, Nancy was happy to report that six High School students from Saint Lucie and Martin Counties were selected for scholarships.  Logan Putman was awarded $1,000, Daniela Ganados Frias, Alicias Solis, Laura Barco-Garcia, Itzel Mentoza Segura, and Natalie Becerra were awarded $500 each.  A special thanks was extended to SACI members for their heartfelt donations to the scholarship program.   

New Business:

Approval of quorum at the General Assembly was unanimous.

Election of the 2021 Board of Directors: Nominee notice was sent on Nov. 1, 2020. No response was received. Therefore, the Board of Directors remains the same.  Carlos Bonet President, Al Feliciano Vice-President, Josephina Guadalupe, Treasurer, Evelyn Carrillo Secretary, Vivian Megaro, Public Relations, Nancy Rozon, Vocal Dir., Mary Figliola Substitute.  Mr. Ruben Aleman, 2019 President swore in the 2021 Board of Directors.

SACI members were asked if there was any comments or questions for the Board of Directors.  None made.


The General Assembly meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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