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Golf Tournament 2022

The Spanish American Club, Inc. “SACI” Golf Group held their Annual Scholarship Tournament

By Herman Santa

Members and their friends of The Spanish American Club, Inc. held their Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, Oct. 7th at The Saints Golf Course in Port St. Lucie.  The 2 men scramble event featured several activities, including “The Longest Drives”, “Closest to the Pins” “Low Scores”, “50/50 raffle”, etc.  Golfers enjoyed a beautiful day and camaraderie, which concluded at the 19th Hole restaurant with food, awards, and raffles.

A special award was given to Gus Migliore, Scholarship committee for his contribution to the scholarship program of our club.  The award was presented to Gus by Herman Santa, Director of the Golf  Committee of the Spanish American Club, Inc.  Congratulations to the tournament winners: Longest Drives: Harvey Taylor, Hole # 9, 285′ and Dan Pimpo, Hole # 18, 218′.  Closest to the Pin winners: Ray Guadalupe, Hole #3 2′-8″, Tony George, Hole #7, 4′-7″, Harvey Taylor, Hole # 10, 204′-11″, and Al Peña, Hole # 16, 0-64′.

1st Prize Low Scores: (53.5) Frank Camacho and Dan Camilli, Al Peña and Pam Peña (53.5).  2nd Prize Low Score: (55.0) Lenny Lea and Dan Pimpo, Harvey Taylor and Tony Guerrero.  Most Improved Player of the Year: Lenny Lea.  50/50 Raffle winner: Lou Rosa.  Other raffle winners: Gary Campbell, Dan Camilli, Ray Guadalupe and Rob Boals.

Other players that participated were  Chris Astoske, Tim Bland, Gary Bartz, Nick Napolitano, Tony Scaletti, Otto Vega, Walter Gomez, Guillermo Rodriguez, Keith Kehrer, Dennis Schmidt, Tony Torello, German Marin, Jorge Crespo, Bob Pila, Fernando Mejia, Craig Sellner, Andy Mancuso, Danny Kosciuk, Duane Pfund, Gary Drexler, Rich Buchaniec, Ray Jackson, Nick Salvaggio, Cecil Elie, JC Dargis, Frank Miller, Herman Santa, José Garcia, Eddie Essex, and Ron Jacobs.

From left: Fernando Mejía, Ray Guadalupe and Ignacio on 10/14/2210/14/22

Rob Boals

From left: Gus Migliore, Herman Santa, Frank Camacho, Dan Camilli, Pam Peña and Al Peña

From left: Gus Migliore receiving a plaque from Herman Santa

From left: Tony George receiving the award from Herman Santa

From left: Herman Santa, Al Peña and Herman Santa

From lfet: Herman Santa , Dan Pimpo and Gus Migliore

From left Gus Migliore, Lenny Lea, Dan Pimpo and Herman Santa

From left Gus Migliore, Harvey Taylor, Tony Guerrero and Herman Santa

From left: Herman Santa, Lou Rosa and Gus Migliore

From left: Herman Santa, Dan Camilli and Gus Migliore

From left: Herman Santa, Gary Campbell and Gus Migliore





From left: Nick Napolitano, Rob Boals, Gary Bartz and Tony Scaletti

From left: Keith Kehrer, Guillermo Rodríguez, Walter Goméz and Otto Vega

From left: German Marín, Jorje Crespo, Tony Torello and Dennis Schmidt

From left: Ray Guadalupe, Lou Rosa, Fernando Mejía and Bob Pilla

From left: Dan Mancuso, Dan Kosciuk, Duane Pfund and Craig Selnner

From left: Gus Migliore, Tony George, Tim Bland and Chris Astoske

From left: Ray Jackson, Gary Campbell, Rick Buchaniec and Gary Drexler

From left: Frank Miller, JC Dargis, Cecil Elie and Nick Salvaggio

From left: Dan Pimpo, Lenny Lea, Dan Camilli and Frank Camacho

From left: Al Peña, Pam Peña, Tony Guerrero and Harvey Taylor

From left: Ron Jacobs, Eddie Essex, Herman Santa and José Garcia








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