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Scholarship Committee 2023

Scholarship Committee 2023

By Herman Santa

From left Pam Peña, Nancy Rozon, Elizabeth Mejía and Herman Santa

This year’s scholarship committee: Chaired by Nancy Rozon and Co-chaired by Elizabeth Mejia, Pamela Peña, and Herman Santa, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will continue selecting the students and running the program smoothly.  The committee selects the students for their academic achievements, financial needs, trustworthiness, character, responsibility, and fairness.

The scholarships are awarded based on financial need and a GPA of 3.0 or better.  Letters of recommendation on behalf of applicants are accepted. The recipients will be selected after a one-on-one interview by The Spanish American Club, Inc. Scholarship Committee. Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements for consideration: (1) Martin or St. Lucie County senior.  (2) Resident of either county. (3) Copy of the original transcript from the high school. (4) Financial statement.

Eligible students must submit the application by May 1, 2023. Applications are available from Martin and St. Lucie Counties Guidance Counselors.  For more information contact Nancy Rozon at (772) 486-7345, E-mail: nancy5748@att.net or visit:http://www.thespanishamericanclubinc.org. Please send all correspondence to The Spanish American Club, Inc.  P.O. Box 9356, Port St. Lucie, FL 34985

GENERAL INFORMATION:  The Spanish American Club, Inc. is a non-profit Organization whose main goals are to promote friendship and solidarity among its members and other institutions, through charitable, cultural, civic and social  activities , and to promote the knowledge of the Spanish speaking countries, geography, history, art, culture and folklore.  The Spanish American Club, Inc. Scholarship Program is geared for Hispanic Seniors of Martin & St. Lucie counties Public High Schools.

SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNTS:  One scholarship of One Thousand dollars ($1000.00), Five hundred ($500) to as many students as our fund raising allows.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: The Spanish American Club, Inc. scholarship application can be obtained and filed at the guidance counselor’s office every year before February 29.  The guidance department shall forward the application and transcripts of the student to the scholarship committee of The Spanish American Club, Inc. for final review.  Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview with the Committee.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO ENSURE THAT ALL DEADLINES ARE MET.

BASIS FOR SELECTION: (1) Fill out the application from the Spanish American Club, Inc. (2) Copy of original transcript from the High School signed by the Guidance counselor. (3) Letters of recommendation from the Guidance counselor or teacher. (3) Must be a senior student from Martin or St. Lucie counties public schools. (4) Resident of either county. (5) Demonstrated financial need and (5) “3.” or better grade-point average (GPA).

STUDENT QUALIFICATIONS: (1) The student must be of Hispanic heritage. (2) In case of equal qualifications between two students, the applicant with lesser financial resources shall be awarded the scholarship.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Check will be sent by mail to the scholarship foundation program of the College or University.

SELECTION OF WINNER: The selection of the scholarship recipient will be made by the scholarship committee of the Spanish American Club, Inc. after interview with selected applicants.

SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA: Prior to scholarship award, student selected for scholarship must show proof of acceptance for enrollment to attend any College or University. The student must send verification of enrollment, class schedule, ID #, etc.

El Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) anuncia becas para estudiantes hispanos 2023

Por Herman Santa El Spanish American Club, Inc. otorgará becas a estudiantes hispanos que continuarán sus estudios en cualquier colegio o universidad de Florida. Este año el Comité de Becas está compuesto por Nancy Rozon, Pam Peña, Elizabeth Mejia y Herman Santa.  La Junta Directiva esta compuesta por Carlos Bonet, Presidente; Al Feliciano, Vice Presidente; Evelyn Carrillo, Secretaria; Josephine Guadalupe, Tesorera; Vivian Megaro, Relaciones Públicas: Nancy Rozon, Vocal; y Mary Figliola Substituta.

El Spanish American Club, Inc. aceptará solicitudes hasta el lunes 1 de mayo del 2023 para estudiantes hispanos que se graduarán este verano de las Escuelas Superiores públicas de los condados de Martín y St. Lucie.  Para calificar, el solicitante debe ser de bajos ingresos, completar la solicitud del programa de becas del club, deberá tener un promedio mínimo de 3.0.  Las solicitudes están disponibles en la oficina del “Guidance Counselor” en los condados ya mencionados.

Estudiantes interesados pueden llamar a Nancy al (772) 486-7345, E-mail: nancy5748@att.net.  Por favor mandar toda la correspondencia a:The Spanish American Club, Inc., P.O. Box 9356, Port St. Lucie, FL 34985. Busquen más información en nuestra página web: www.thespanishamericanclubinc.org.

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