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Assembly 2011

Spanish American Club elects new president

By Herman Santa

On Saturday January 22, 2011, the members of the Spanish American Club, Inc. (SACI) celebrated their 19th Annual General Assembly at the Disabled American Veterans Club in Port St. Lucie to elect a new board of directors.  The meeting was called to order by the president Jimmy Rivera.  Al Feliciano was the Master of Ceremony and conducted the general assembly and announced the candidates, revision of the bylaws and other issues to be resolved.  The amendments of the bylaws were approved and Mary Figliola, was elected president of the club for the fiscal year 2011.  The other elected directors were Kathy Rivera; vice-president, Nancy Rozon; secretary, Nora Candelario; treasurer and Karen Diamond; director.

Three of the past presidents were in attendance for the passing of the gavel.  Herman Santa (1995, 2001, 2004 and 2007), passed the gavel to Gladys Piñeiro (2002), then it was passed to outgoing president Jimmy Rivera (2009, 2010) and finally to 2011 President Mary Figliola.  The meeting ended with the awards ceremony when last year’s president Rivera presented recognition to his directors for their service and contribution and dedication to the club.  Picture plaques were presented to Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon, Ron Bryson and Mary Figliola.

After the meeting the members celebrated with a dinner-dance party.  This was fallowed by drawing the door prizes and the celebration of January birthday. Among the members and their guests that were present for the birthday celebration were Felix Asencio, Reinaldo Matias, Xiomara Guanill and Maritza Blanco.  They were asked to stand near the birthday cake while the D.J. played a “Happy Birthday” song them.  Door prizes winners were: Gladys Velez, Lucy Santa, Nora Candelario, Millie Gordon, Julio Garcia and Nancy Rozon.  50/50 winner was Amparo Gil.   D.J. Adan Mendoza from “Mendoza Sound” took over the party and did a good job entertaining us until late in the evening.

Socios del SACI celebran Asamblea Annual

Por Herman Santa

El sábado 22 de enero se llevo a cabo la Asamblea General Anual del “Spanish American Club, Inc.” (SACI) en el “Disabled American Club” de Port St. Lucie.  Mary Figliola fue elegida Presidenta del club para el año fiscal 2011.  Con Mary fueron elegidos Kathy Rivera; VicePresidenta, Nancy Rozon; Secretaria, Nora Candelario; Tesorera y Karen Diamond; Vocal.  Después de la asamblea Herman Santa ex presidente del club (1995, 2001, 2004 y 2007) pasó el mallete  a Gladys Piñeiro presidenta (2002) al presidente saliente Jimmy Rivera (2009 y 2010), quien finalmente se lo pasó a la nueva presidenta Mary Figliola.

Acto seguido, Jimmy le otorgó placas de reconocimiento con la foto de la pasada admistración a Al Feliciano, Nancy Rozon, Ron Bryson y Mary Figliola por su servicio y colaboración al club.  Depués, Mary le otorgó una placa de agradecimiento al Presidente saliente Jimmy Rivera.  Después de la cena, el D.J. Alex Mendoza de “Mendoza Sound” tocó una canción de cumpleaños a los cumpleañeros del mes de enero.  Entre ellos estaban Felix Asencio, Reinaldo Matias, Xiomara Guanill y Maritza Blanco.

También se rifaron los premios y se hizo la rifa del 50/50.  Los ganadores de los premios fueron: Gladys Velez, Lucy Santa, Nora Candelario, Millie Gordon, Julio Garcia y Nancy Rozon.  El 50/50 se lo ganó Amparo Gil.  Fue una asamblea para recordar, pues pasamos un rate alegre entre socios y amistades para empezar el Nuevo Año.

L to R: Maritza Blanco, Reinaldo Matias, Felix Asencio and Xiomara Guanill

Some of the members and their guests celebrating after the 19th Annual General Assembly

Some of the door prize winners. (L to R) Millie Gordon, Nancy Rozon, Nora Candelario, Lucy Santa and Gladys Velez




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