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Billiard Tournament 2017

October 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Spanish American Club hosts Billiard Tournament 2017

By Herman Santa

The Spanish American Club, Inc. Billiard Tournament was hosted Saturday, October 14, at Shooters Billiards 8991 Federal Hwy, PSL at the corner of US1 and village green in Port St. Lucie.

Club member Ivan Guanill coordinated the event. The event produced enthusiastic participation by club members. The billiard tournament featured a ration of 11 players in a round single’s play. The entry fee was $10 per player. The players that lost two games were declared out of the competition.

Winners: Marco Peña, 1st. Place, Ivan Guanill 2nd. Place and Tony Cruz 3rd. Place.  Other players that participated were: Roberto Belardo, Rubén Alemán, Luis Arroyo, Felix Asencio, and Al Peña. While the men played billiard, the ladies played dominoes.  Among them were Xiomara Guanill, Daisy Aleman, Nereida Pellot and Millie Asencio. Thanks to Ivan Guanill and his committee and to all participants who made this annual event a big success.

The next event has been scheduled for Saturday, October 28, to celebrate the Annual Halloween event. The event is not going to be catered but reservations are required. For more information, contact the president of the club,  For more information about the club, visit